03 September 2012

School Supply HAUL

Hey everyone! So, aside from clothing-shopping, the coming school-year always brings SUPPLY shopping, so this is everything that I got to prepare for the new year.  As a side-note, I take Honors/AP courses at school, so it's quite possible that I bought different supplies or MORE supplies than what some of you may need, according to your upcoming classes.  Anyway, I hope you find this helpful for you own supply shopping.  Now, IT'S TIME TO HIT THE BOOKS, PEOPLE ;)

Five-Star Notebooks: $4.00 each (all college ruled, 100 sheets)

Pencil Case: MADE THAT!!! haha
Foray Pencils (red, blue and green): $3.87 for pack of 12
Staedtler Erasers: $4.00 for pack of 4
Papermate Pens (red, blue, and black): $3.00 for pack of 36 in each color
Liquid Paper White-Out: $3.00 for pack of 2

Wilson-Jones Binders (green and blue): $4.00 each
Avery Heavy Duty Binder (pink): $5.00 (at Target)

Five-Star Reinforced Filler Paper: $4.00 each

Check out my School-Supply Haul on my Youtube Channel!

Thanks so much for checking out this post! As you've already seen, I have my YouTube video linked up above so you can get to that more easily :)

Love you all