18 February 2014

I'M BACK: Major Life Update

Ladies, ladies ... WHERE HAVE I BEEN, you ask?  The answer to that is: a lot of places, yet nowhere, all at the same time.  So I'll get started on what's been going on in my life (which leads to why I haven't been blogging lately), things that have changed, and what I plan to do in the future with this blog and everything relating to it ... 

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I haven't posted since the second day of the year, and we are now more than halfway through the second month (I know, pathetic, right?).  So, to start off this post, I'M SORRY to all of you who would have liked to be updated regularly, who might have been missing my writing.


1. I'm an adult!  Contrary to my apparent age, listed on the right sidebar (you know, where that picture of me is), I am EIGHTEEN years old.  The reason the sidebar is incorrect, though, is a completely different story.  THE POINT IS, I am now a legal adult in the United States, which means I've had a bunch of stuff to do lately - reliving childhood moments as well as capitalizing on my new-found freedom (example: no curfew), which happens to take up some time.

2. I finished applying to college!  I'm graduating from high school in June of this year, and am (hopefully) off to far better things (don't get me wrong, I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL) in the years to come at a university of my choice.  I'm allowed to be optimistic now, see, because I finished the tedious and stress-inducing process of actually applying, which includes figuring out a major, writing an abundance of essays (and then editing and re-writing, and re-writing, etc.), running around meeting with teachers and school counselors, filling out enough forms to make a person's hands explode, and spending quite a pretty penny (or not-so-pretty) to send in applications and test scores.  

3. My computer had a stroke ... and a heart attack ... and an aneurysm ... This is not news to those of you who used to watch my (now completely outdated) YouTube channel.  Here's the honest truth: I have an iMac, but it is no longer working.  It was old, see?  Like, 2007-old, and it felt the need to retire - and by "retire," I mean "the entire screen went black one day, causing us to buy a new monitor for it, which eventually became useless because the computer, itself, (among other things) ran out of space on the hard drive and just wouldn't turn on anymore."  The significance of this is that, firstly, I had Photoshop on that computer, which is where I've done all of my graphics for this blog (including the right sidebar - see why it's not right anymore?); and secondly, I had iMovie on that computer (can't do YouTube videos the way I like them without iMovie).  These two things put together have set me back a little, but I've been making do.

4. I got a job!  For the most popular, internationally-known bloggers, jobs aren't really necessary - their blogs (and the ads that show up on them) are their jobs.  It sounds like a nice life, but it's not my life (hopefully, one day, it will be).  Therefore, I needed to find a way to rack up some cash in order to support my regular lifestyle as well as my profile as a blogger (can't post a haul without money to buy haul-items).  So, since you're all dying to know, I got a job at Hollister Co., the California-based branch of Abercrombie & Fitch.  If you guys want, I can do a post about all the perks of being a Hollister employee, but for now, I'll just say this: I am loving work - the people are amazing and I get to be surrounded by clothing all the time.  The only thumbs-down-element of being a working member of society is that working takes up a lot of hours - hours I would have used (before) to update my blog and various other pages.

5. Senior year is STILL stressful!  Even after all the college-application shenanigans I went through, I've still had a bunch to do: I recently had finals for my fall semester, have been playing in my FINAL season of varsity basketball, and have Winter Formal coming up this weekend (ladies, you ALL know that school dances are more about the preparation than the actual event).  It's all been time-consuming, yet extremely exciting.


This year has brought a lot of change, and I have no doubt that the change will continue.  I'm going to college in the fall (I have no idea where, at this point), and am going to have to manage my time very well if I'm to keep this up - which I have every intention of doing.  All I'll need is a decent camera I can take with me to school, and a laptop to maybe start up my YouTube channel again :)

Anyway, dolls, that's everything ... Sorry there were no pictures to look at for this post, I honestly didn't have the time or the motivation to go out and shoot (haha).  Still, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you now have an understanding about why I've been gone.  I'll definitely be more present from now on, since I've adequately adjusted myself.

Love you all