31 May 2013

The Friday File: Outfit #2

TWO: "Sweet Love"

TWO: "Sweet Love" by the-saltine-herself

Hi everyone! So I haven't posted a "Friday File" outfit in a WHOLE bunch of time, so I thought I would, since that's what I'm supposed to be doing on FRIDAYS haha.  I hope you all like! Check out my Polyvore to get all of the product information :) 

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OOTD: Maxi & Sleeveless

Hi dolls! I haven't posted an Outfit of the Day in a while, so I thought I would just show you what I wore to school today.  The weather is high 70's (ahh, I love California) and the sun is shining, but the maxi skirt didn't feel too hot or anything, even though its black, because everything was balanced with the sandals and sleeveless shirt.  I'll have product info all posted down below the pictures, I hope you like! Make sure to comment at the end of this post and FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW this blog if you want to see more :)

Rust-Colored Lace Sleevless Button-Down: Active
Black Maxi Skirt: Swap Meet (I know, right?) but the brand is "Vionnet"
Black Sandals: Target
Nude Tank Top: Wet Seal

BOTH Cubic Zirconia Studs: Claire's
Woven Silver Ring: Claire's

L'Oreal Paris True Match LUMI Liquid Foundation in W6 Sun Beige
L'Oreal True Match Liquid Concealer in W4-5 Light-Medium
Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Light Bronzer

Covergirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Black (Waterlines)
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black (Top Eyeliner)
Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner in Brownish Black (Bottom Eyeliner)
NYX Cream Eyeshadow Base
Maybelline Eye Studio Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Mocha Mirage 40
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara (2 coats on top lashes only)

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eye Pencil in 652 Dark Brown
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Açaí Berry
Cover Girl Lip Stick in 295 Rich
C.O Bigelow Mentha Organics Sheer Lip Tint in Sheer Rose

Alright! So that's it for this outfit, I hope you like it! One of the reasons I love maxi skirts is because they're effortlessly cool - you just pull them on (make sure you wear the right undergarments - I recommend a lace thong, which I'll link somewhere) and throw on a shirt, and you look cute AND comfy.  I hope you get some inspiration from this, and if you do make sure to let me know in the comments section below! :) Happy Friday, everyone, I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Here's that pesky thong :P

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30 May 2013

Manicure: Criss-Cross

Hi all! I'm back to normal (non-prom) posts, so this is just this week's manicure.  I've been really into natural colors (light pinks and french manicures) lately, so this is just a product of my latest obsession.  I decided to add the stripes for a bit of visual interest, and they totally paid off, because this manicure would have been boring as heck without them (haha).  It's SUPER EASY, I probably could have continued and did the design on ALL of my nails (had I had the motivation, haha) but I decided it would look classier with just the first two.  I hope you like! Products will be listed at the end of this post :) 

Base Coat: Nailtiques Formula 2
Pink Polish: "Petal Pusher" by Sally Hansen (I've been using that a lot lately, I know)
Black Criss-Cross: Nail Art by Kiss (Black)
White Criss-Cross: Nail Art by Kiss (White)
Top Coat: Diamond Strength Top Coat by Sally Hansen

Basically, all of the polish can be purchased at a drugstore or department store (I've seen Kiss products at Target, so you should check there first before going to a beauty supply - I think they're cheaper!) except for the Nailtiques Formula 2, which I purchased at Ulta a while back.  It's expensive for such a tiny bottle but it's completely worth it - it's been gradually (but not slowly) strengthening my natural nail and replenishing the healthy color to them (the whites of my nails used to be stained an off-white / light yellow because of NAIL POLISH).  Also, the top layer of my nail (near the tips) doesn't peel anymore, and my nails grow faster and longer these days.  Anyway, I really love this base coat, and I totally recommend!

As always, thank you so much for reading :)
There's always more to come here (my YouTube channel, on the other hand, needs some serious updating - I promise I'll start filming again when school gets out! Haha)

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27 May 2013

Ulta Beauty HAUL

Hey dolls! I recently went to Ulta Beauty to pick up a few things (either for prom or just because), and I decided I would share :) That's all there is to say for now, so make sure you read carefully!  I hope you find all of these mini-reviews helpful.  If you SO DESIRE, comment down below and/or follow this blog so you can get updated! There are plenty more beauty reviews to come :)

L'Oreal Paris True Match LUMI Healthy Luminous Makeup in Sun Beige (W6) $12
Alright, so the main reason I went to Ulta was to get a foundation that would photograph well (prom pictures are important, ya know).  I was originally thinking about getting the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, but I read some reviews about it making people more oily in some cases (I already have oily skin, so that was a no-no).  After browsing around Ulta for about 20 minutes, I decided I would just ask one of the consultants there.  She directed me toward a Lancôme Foundation (she said that stars use it on the red carpet!) that she said photographs beautifully, but considering I didn't have $45 to blow, I asked for a more drugstore-priced product.  Because Lancôme and L'Oreal are the same company (if you didn't know, now you know!), she said that the L'Oreal True Match LUMI Foundation would give the effect closest to the Lancôme Foundation.  She matched me to Sun Beige (W6), and I went on my merry way.  

Review: THIS FOUNDATION IS PERFECTION.  My prom pictures were flawless - my acne seemed almost non-existent, any discoloration was gone, my skin was not oily in the slightest, and all of this was achieved with a relatively small amount of foundation.  The pump on this foundation is extremely convenient, giving you a perfect amount for your whole face (for a light to regular coverage kind of day).  I've also found that my L'Oreal True Match Concealer (the liquid kind) blends perfectly with this foundation.  I used to not wear foundation every day, but the combination of the LUMI and my regular liquid concealer has converted me.  I will recommend this until the day I die!

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Amazon Body Building Hair Spray 
This is not a full can of hairspray - it's a tiny one, about 7 inches tall.  The only reason I have it here in this haul is because it was FREE. Yes. Free.  One of the consultants saw me getting hair product, and she approached me, asking if I wanted a sample hairspray.  I asked her if it was a strong enough hold for my curly hair (I didn't want her to waste one of her sample cans on me if it wouldn't work), and she said it would be perfect.

Review: I listened to the nice consultant who gave me this hairspray, and I am so glad I did.  I used this hairspray for prom and have used it twice over this last week, and it has kept my style in place every time.  It doesn't leave a residue on my hair, and it doesn't leave my curls feeling crunchy, like some other hairsprays have.  I'll be sad when I run out of the product in this tiny can!

Real Techniques (by Samantha Chapman) Foundation Brush $7
FINALLY I got myself a Real Techniques brush! I had one before, but I took it to a friend's house and it disappeared.  Now, I get to have my baby back ;) I know that higher-end brushes like this get a lot of hype, and sometimes it isn't worth it, but Real Techniques beauty tools have NEVER failed me, and I highly recommend, because these are DEFINITELY worth all of the hype they get.  

Review: Foundation brushes are tricky in that you need to really find one that is good quality in order to have a good quality FACE (sorry if that sounds harsh).  With this brush, foundation spreads and blends flawlessly, and is never streaky.  Also, the added bonus are the online tutorials (which I've never watched, but I'm sure are extremely helpful).  

Thanks so much for checking out this post :) There are plenty more where this came from, so feel free to look around!

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26 May 2013

Review: L'Oreal Hair Mask

Hello everyone! So, L'Oreal has a new advanced hair care line, so I decided that I would try one or more of them out.  They have a color-treatment mask, a damage-repair mask, and a moisture-renewal (that's mine!).  As my regular readers know, I'm a swimmer during the spring and summer (high school and summer league teams), and as EVERYONE knows, chlorine is a hair-murderer (haha).  My hair, being curly, is already dry enough, and the chlorine does NOT do anything to help it, so I decided that I would FIRST try the moisture-renewal mask.

 Power Moisture: Moisture Rush Mask
This is the packaging - it's very high-end-looking, I must say

Here we are, it's time for the REVIEW:

PROS: As you can see, the mask is very smooth and creamy.  It's not thick, though, which makes application very easy and quick (also, you don't need to use a lot to get desired results!).  Overall, I AM IN LOVE with this mask.  I used to use an Argan oil mask, but felt like my hair wasn't any better afterwards.  When using this L'Oreal mask, though, I can feel a difference right away: my hair is smoother, and if I focus on putting most of the mask on my ends (or the tips of your hair), my hair actually styles better, like the tips of my hair were sealed, or something.  It restores moisture to even my dry and tangly curly hair, so imagine what it can do for other people!  I definitely recommend!

CONS: Like most masks, this is most easily applied in the shower (I usually do this between cleansing and conditioning).  The only downside to this is that I'm thinking the steam in the bathroom makes a bit of the mask (around your hairline) sort of ... melt?  I've no other way of describing it, but after about 3 minutes I can feel it dripping down my forehead a bit.  If you don't catch it in time, it could get in your eyes, which is NOT pleasant, especially for all of my contact-lense wearers!! Be AWARE.  As far as the product itself, goes, however, I wouldn't say there are any cons that I've noticed, and I've used the mask probably 6 times (there's still more than half of the tub left!).

Alright ladies, that's it for the review! I hope you found this helpful, and for my dry-locks readers, I hope you're grabbing the car keys right now and heading out to get some of this stuff, because it's honestly amazing :)

Thanks so much for checking out this post! There's definitely more to be seen, so feel free to browse around...

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Manicure: PROM EDITION!!!

Hello darlings! So, last Saturday was PROM (enough said, right? haha).  We all know that the slow dance and all of those iconic "prom" elements are important, but really, it's all in the details, the dress, and the GETTING READY WITH YOUR FRIENDS that makes the whole adventure TRULY fun.  Out of respect for my date's privacy, I WON'T post a picture of the two of us, but I'll post what I can so that you can get a feel for what the night was like.  The main event of this post is actually my NAILS, which my friends were dazzled with ("Did you do these yourself?" "Yes" "Open up a freaking nail salon, will you?") and I loved very much.  They're a bit shabby in the pictures since I let them grow out for a few days but you get the point, I'm sure.  Please comment and/or follow my blog if you like this!

 Here's just my thumb nail - it was my favorite design out of all of them :)

So, basically what I did was I first painted my nails with one, thin coat of "Petal Pusher" by Sally Hansen in order to get a more desirable-looking base - kind of like doing a French Manicure. I then painted diagonally across all of my nails (to create that half-effect) with "My Vampire Is Buff" by OPI.  On my middle finger, I painted the entire nail for some variety.  I decided to do a buff color instead of white in order to soften the look of the entire manicure.  After this, I dotted spaces of my nail with "Eternal Optimism" by Essie (dark pink), "Sea" by Sally Hansen (mint green), and "Petal Pusher" by Sally Hansen (lighter pink).  I only dotted these colors on the part of my nail that was painted with "My Vampire Is Buff," and left the natural half of my nail just the way it was.  I outlined the spaces with silver glitter nail-art polish by Kiss.  I then finished with my Diamond Strength top-coat :)  The only thing I have to say is that you have to be a bit more skilled with your left hand (my weak hand...if you are left-handed, then I'm talking about your right hand) to pull this off.  It's not a "hard" manicure to complete, though, so don't let the detail discourage you! If you try it out, let me know in the comments section below :)

I hope you all like!  Thanks for checking out this post :)

I said I would post what I could, so....


My GORGEOUS best friend, Haley, and I :)

Haley's Dress: black strapless hi-lo with an open caged-back detail (so beautiful)
Foreign Exchange, $37.00

My Dress: white off-shoulder cinched-waist dress with attached sleeves
Foreign Exchange: $29.00


All make-up was done (by me, haha) with Urban Decay's "Naked 2" Palette

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07 May 2013

Drug Store Beauty Products HAUL

Hello everybody! If you read my blog regularly, you know that when it comes to expensive beauty products, I do a lot more admiring than buying.  Due to my inherent frugality, haha, I've come to love drugstore makeup and other beauty products.  I recently took a trip to my local CVS PHARMACY (whoo!) to pick up a few things, as PROM IS COMING UP (so excited) and I need to actually start thinking about taking care of my skin, teeth, etc.  This haul is just the things that I bought (keep in mind: some of these products I have NEVER tried, so it'll be like a trial and error thing, too!) in order to prepare myself to look my best :) Hope you enjoy - please follow my blog or comment!

 Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow and Eye Liner in 652 "Dark Brown"
This is actually not the usual color I purchase, my regular is "Mink Brown."  Some would say that "Dark Brown" and "Mink Brown" are not much different when just looking at the product, but let me tell you that once the color touches your face (well my face - my brows, to be exact), the difference becomes noticeable.  My eyebrows are nearly black, and the "Mink Brown" is absolutely perfect.  This "Dark Brown" color is not the same - it's much more brown rather than black - but it'll have to do, considering they ran out of my usual color.  Today, I mixed this pencil with a black eyeliner pencil and blended it, and the effect was nearly the same as the "Mink Brown."  Anyways, I really like this pencil (I especially like the price - $0.99!!) because it's smooth and pigmented - you don't need a lot to get the desired effect.

 Milani Color Statment Lipstick in 17 "Plum Rose"
For Prom, I'm wearing a white, flowing dress and light metallic heels, so I thought that my regular ruby-colored CoverGirl lipstick would be a bit much.  I fell in love with this color the moment I saw it - it's like a cross between mauve and a subtle red, and it really is beautiful.  You can see that it's very pigmented, as the swatch above against my tan skin was done with a single, light swipe across my hand.  It looks natural, almost like the color of my actual lips, except exaggerated.  I wore this color on my lips to school today and got a tone of compliments from girlfriends!  It's very smooth and is lightly scented with an absolutely glorious smell that I can't quite put my finger on - it's flowery and fruity all at the same time.  At any rate, I really like this lipstick - I'll be purchasing more Milani products now, because of this!

Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner in 070 "Enchantment"
No matter how many tubes of lipstick I've bought, no matter how many hours I've spent searching, I have never been able to find a lip liner that exactly matches the desired color - UNTIL NOW.  When I found this and compared it to the Milani Lipstick in "Plum Rose," I felt like running to make an announcement on the intercom system!  It's the exact color, but is not too pigmented.  It applies very smoothly onto my lips and stays put under the lipstick, unlike some other lip liners I've tried, which show through or smudge.  Whenever I apply lip liner, I trace around my lips and then color them in, as this is the best way to keep lip stick in place for a longer time.  As I said before, the application of this liner is smooth all over my lip, and it could even be worn by itself for a subtle look.  LOVE.

 Plus White 5-Minute Premier Speed Whitening Gel
I have never before tried a tooth-whitening product before, other than toothpastes and mouthwashes (like Listerine), so I have no idea how this product is going to work.  I tried it last night and used the cotton-swab-method, spreading the gel over my teeth (careful not to spread it on the gums!).  The only problem I encountered was that I couldn't keep my top lip from covering my teeth, and I think the saliva from my mouth was reducing the effect.  According to the product label, one should use it for 14 days consecutively, twice per day.  I'll be using it consistently, and if it works well, I'll be sure to let all of you know! 

Physician's Formula Super BB: All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream in 7868 "Medium/Deep"
I always know that I'm at the prime of my tanning days when I have to start buying products with the word "deep" in them, haha.  I have never tried this product before either, simply because of the price (excuse me for not having the luxury of buying $17 BB Cream - yikes).  However, it was on sale for $9.99 and I had $7 CVS Extrabucks for any Physician's Formula purchase - so I got it for about $3!!! I used this product today to go to school, because my allergies have been acting up and sometimes my cheeks turn a bit red :( It worked well to cover the discoloration and it minimized the look of my acne spots.  Also, my skin seemed a bit more glowy (but not in the oily way) than usual.  Based on my first try, I would recommend this product, but I'll continue to use it and maybe review it later!

Thank you all so much for checking out this post! I hope you'll add a few of these things to your next drugstore shopping list ;) 

Make sure you check out my Polyvore and YouTube channel!

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05 May 2013

Spring 2013 Fashion Forecast :)

Spring 2013 Fashion Forecast :)

Spring 2013 Fashion Forecast :) by the-saltine-herself

Hello everybody! So, I don't know if I actually promised this publicly, but I know for SURE that I told MYSELF I would do a spring fashion forecast video.  Well here's the thing: I filmed it (back on St. Patrick's Day to be honest) but something funny is going on with my video editor and I'm running out of patience.  SO here's my reconciliation: a BLOG POST of my spring fashion forecast, haha.  I wanted to get this up ASAP since we're already almost halfway through the spring season (crazy, right?).  Anyway, here's what I believe to be trending for spring 2013, I hope you like (and agree! haha).  I'll be creating and posting more elaborate sets on my Polyvore so you guys can get a better feel for each trend (for example: florals and stripes will go together on one collage).  For now, though, I'll just give a few short descriptions:

1. Florals: These are always popular for spring, but I've noticed a recent (and explosive haha) increase in florals, which I feel like is more prominent than usual.  Anyway, these look beautiful on everyone, and it seems like the floral shorts are really in style for this season. :)

2. Stripes: Horizontal, vertical, chevron, you name it - the stripe trend is in full swing and so so easy to style (looking good is no problem).

3. Lace: During the last couple of years, the lace trend has really exploded because of the femininity and effortless beauty that it provides.  This trend is a great investment because it will always be around, and it's especially amazing for spring because of the sheer quality: you won't be too covered up (like in the winter), but you're not showing too much skin either (save that for summer).

4. Sneakers: Tomboy-ish style has been coming back for girls, recently, and I've seen a lot of hi-top sneakers, like these Chuck Taylors, as well as wedge sneakers and more casual-looking oxfords.  They look very effortless and cool, no matter what you have on the rest of your body.

5: Boat Shoes: I don't know if it's just where I LIVE, or if it's everywhere, but there has been a widespread obsession with Sperry Top-Siders, or just boat shoes in general.  I feel like during the last 3 months or so, nearly every style-conscious (and non style-conscious) person in my school has purchased a pair.  If you like them, GET THEM - so comfy and casual, perfect for spring.

6. Cut-outs: Show just a LITTLE bit, and you'll have heads turning ;) Cutouts have been VERY IN recently, and they're showing up everywhere: cold shoulder, full midriff, back cutout, side cutouts, even laser-cut shoes and boots! This trend is sexy, but still retains a girl's dignity, if you know what I mean, haha, so I would say GO FOR IT :)

7. Statement Jewelry: Big, beautiful jewelry has been extremely popular lately because of the ease of fashion, I think - you can wear a t-shirt and jeans and still look like a million bucks once you put a giant ring and a tribal collar necklace.  Basically, statement jewelry is versatile and ALWAYS looks good, as long as you don't over-do the rest of your outfit.  AMAZING trend for spring and for seasons to come!

8: Leather: Leather is a bit funny in that people associate it with the winter months and then tend to forget about it for the sunnier times of year.  This is changing for this season with the appearance of leather or leather paneled shorts and leggings as well as leather vests and cropped jackets.  They're still amazing for spring, just to add something extra to an otherwise-light outfit.  The punk-like trend of leather is also coming back, so if you want to, go for something with studs and extra hardware!

Thank you all so much for checking out this post (I know it was a longer read)
I hope you've gotten inspired (maybe you'll plan a shopping day - and bring a LIST haha)

Check out my Polyvore for extra detailed sets (coming soon) and my YouTube channel for more videos (haven't updated that in a while, sorry)

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02 May 2013

OOTD & How-To: Outfit for a Time-Crunch

Hello all! This post isn't extremely special (this outfit is nothing special, I mean), but I decided that I would show you what I like to wear when I'm pressed for time.  I woke up late yesterday (when I wore this) and didn't have the luxury of thought (haha) in the morning, so I just kind of threw this on.  It looks cute and comfy, and it only took me about 2.5 minutes for me to devise this (my outfits are like evil plans hehe) and, eventually, make myself look presentable :) Anyway, since this outfit was the kind that you don't really need to think about, I decided that I would put a few tips for getting ready quick while still being able to get a few compliments on your outfit of choice :) Enjoy


1. Don't try anything super detailed / new.  If you bought something recently and would like to wear it, DON'T.  For me, wearing something new requires a little bit more thought, so that the outfit looks as put-together as possible, therefore boosting confidence.  Also, since it's a CRIME (at least for me, haha) to wear the same thing within a month of time, wasting a new piece on a time-cruncher day would not be advisable.  On another note, if you have a special kind of top (maybe with beading, sequins, a crazy-amazing print, etc.), don't go for that either.  A top that is detailed also requires a bit more thought in looking your best.

2. Pick an accent, and the rest can be simple.  As you can see in my outfit (below), the grey sheer sweater, black sandals, rolled jeans, and black bandeau are nothing special - just regular items, almost like basics.  Also, my hair is up in a top knot, pulling the focus away from my head-area.  The one accent that I picked was my scarf: it works with the grey (okay, almost everything works with grey) because it's composed of cool colors, giving off a relaxed appearance.  Also, it's sheer and floral-printed, so it adds a girly sort of charm to an otherwise simple outfit.

3. Wear something comfortable without being a slob.  One of my pet peeves (HUGE pet peeve) is when people show up to school in their pajamas.  Then, they proceed to make some kind of excuse about how they "woke up so late" and "didn't have any time."  YOU HAVE TIME, OKAY?!  Please, if for nothing or nobody else, do this for me: make it seem like you didn't roll out of bed 5 minutes ago.  I don't want to sound materialistic or anything like that, but dressing to impress, I think, is important in that a person can give off a certain vibe about their personality based on the way they look.  Anyway, do whatever you need to do in order to look less like the sandman and more like an appearance-conscious member of society.


1. Keep hair fuss-free and hair-time under 5 minutes.  I don't know any of you readers personally, so I don't know how fast or well you can pull-off a certain hairstyle.  At the same time, though, I KNOW that there is a not a single person who can have absolutely perfect-looking locks under time constraints.  Therefore, my first tip is to go for something fuss-free.  Top knots, ponytails, quick braids or half-ups are all great examples of fuss-free hair styles.  They all look cute and will do well to keep your hair away from your face, causing you to look more alert and awake.

2. Minimal make-up.  Not NONE.  Unless you are the type that doesn't wear make-up at all, it is important that you at least do SOMETHING.  As you can see in the pictures below, all I did was put concealer (for acne and under-eye circles) on my face, and chap-stick on my lips.  For my eyes, mascara and a swipe of a jumbo stick on my lids and bottom waterline were sufficient.  All in all, it took me about 3 minutes to finish my entire face.  Putting just a bit of make-up on, again, exudes a certain attitude of sorts, making you actually look more relaxed (and low-maintenance) than you might be feeling.  Also, make-up contributes to looking much more presentable, which is always a plus.

Black Bandeau: Heavenly Couture
Sheer Grey Sweater: Target
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Sandals: Target
Scarf: American Eagle Outfitters
Heart Ring: American Eagle Outfitters

L'Oreal True Match Liquid Concealer in Medium Warm
Wet n Wild Brow Pencil in Mink Brown
NYX Jumbo Stick in Iced Mocha
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara
Burt's Bees Replenish Lip Balm

ON MY NAILS: "Monsooner or Later" by OPI

Thank you so much for reading this post! Check out my Polyvore and YouTube channel for more!

Love you all