30 May 2013

Manicure: Criss-Cross

Hi all! I'm back to normal (non-prom) posts, so this is just this week's manicure.  I've been really into natural colors (light pinks and french manicures) lately, so this is just a product of my latest obsession.  I decided to add the stripes for a bit of visual interest, and they totally paid off, because this manicure would have been boring as heck without them (haha).  It's SUPER EASY, I probably could have continued and did the design on ALL of my nails (had I had the motivation, haha) but I decided it would look classier with just the first two.  I hope you like! Products will be listed at the end of this post :) 

Base Coat: Nailtiques Formula 2
Pink Polish: "Petal Pusher" by Sally Hansen (I've been using that a lot lately, I know)
Black Criss-Cross: Nail Art by Kiss (Black)
White Criss-Cross: Nail Art by Kiss (White)
Top Coat: Diamond Strength Top Coat by Sally Hansen

Basically, all of the polish can be purchased at a drugstore or department store (I've seen Kiss products at Target, so you should check there first before going to a beauty supply - I think they're cheaper!) except for the Nailtiques Formula 2, which I purchased at Ulta a while back.  It's expensive for such a tiny bottle but it's completely worth it - it's been gradually (but not slowly) strengthening my natural nail and replenishing the healthy color to them (the whites of my nails used to be stained an off-white / light yellow because of NAIL POLISH).  Also, the top layer of my nail (near the tips) doesn't peel anymore, and my nails grow faster and longer these days.  Anyway, I really love this base coat, and I totally recommend!

As always, thank you so much for reading :)
There's always more to come here (my YouTube channel, on the other hand, needs some serious updating - I promise I'll start filming again when school gets out! Haha)

Love you all


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