26 May 2013

Manicure: PROM EDITION!!!

Hello darlings! So, last Saturday was PROM (enough said, right? haha).  We all know that the slow dance and all of those iconic "prom" elements are important, but really, it's all in the details, the dress, and the GETTING READY WITH YOUR FRIENDS that makes the whole adventure TRULY fun.  Out of respect for my date's privacy, I WON'T post a picture of the two of us, but I'll post what I can so that you can get a feel for what the night was like.  The main event of this post is actually my NAILS, which my friends were dazzled with ("Did you do these yourself?" "Yes" "Open up a freaking nail salon, will you?") and I loved very much.  They're a bit shabby in the pictures since I let them grow out for a few days but you get the point, I'm sure.  Please comment and/or follow my blog if you like this!

 Here's just my thumb nail - it was my favorite design out of all of them :)

So, basically what I did was I first painted my nails with one, thin coat of "Petal Pusher" by Sally Hansen in order to get a more desirable-looking base - kind of like doing a French Manicure. I then painted diagonally across all of my nails (to create that half-effect) with "My Vampire Is Buff" by OPI.  On my middle finger, I painted the entire nail for some variety.  I decided to do a buff color instead of white in order to soften the look of the entire manicure.  After this, I dotted spaces of my nail with "Eternal Optimism" by Essie (dark pink), "Sea" by Sally Hansen (mint green), and "Petal Pusher" by Sally Hansen (lighter pink).  I only dotted these colors on the part of my nail that was painted with "My Vampire Is Buff," and left the natural half of my nail just the way it was.  I outlined the spaces with silver glitter nail-art polish by Kiss.  I then finished with my Diamond Strength top-coat :)  The only thing I have to say is that you have to be a bit more skilled with your left hand (my weak hand...if you are left-handed, then I'm talking about your right hand) to pull this off.  It's not a "hard" manicure to complete, though, so don't let the detail discourage you! If you try it out, let me know in the comments section below :)

I hope you all like!  Thanks for checking out this post :)

I said I would post what I could, so....


My GORGEOUS best friend, Haley, and I :)

Haley's Dress: black strapless hi-lo with an open caged-back detail (so beautiful)
Foreign Exchange, $37.00

My Dress: white off-shoulder cinched-waist dress with attached sleeves
Foreign Exchange: $29.00


All make-up was done (by me, haha) with Urban Decay's "Naked 2" Palette

Love you all


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