05 May 2013

Spring 2013 Fashion Forecast :)

Spring 2013 Fashion Forecast :)

Spring 2013 Fashion Forecast :) by the-saltine-herself

Hello everybody! So, I don't know if I actually promised this publicly, but I know for SURE that I told MYSELF I would do a spring fashion forecast video.  Well here's the thing: I filmed it (back on St. Patrick's Day to be honest) but something funny is going on with my video editor and I'm running out of patience.  SO here's my reconciliation: a BLOG POST of my spring fashion forecast, haha.  I wanted to get this up ASAP since we're already almost halfway through the spring season (crazy, right?).  Anyway, here's what I believe to be trending for spring 2013, I hope you like (and agree! haha).  I'll be creating and posting more elaborate sets on my Polyvore so you guys can get a better feel for each trend (for example: florals and stripes will go together on one collage).  For now, though, I'll just give a few short descriptions:

1. Florals: These are always popular for spring, but I've noticed a recent (and explosive haha) increase in florals, which I feel like is more prominent than usual.  Anyway, these look beautiful on everyone, and it seems like the floral shorts are really in style for this season. :)

2. Stripes: Horizontal, vertical, chevron, you name it - the stripe trend is in full swing and so so easy to style (looking good is no problem).

3. Lace: During the last couple of years, the lace trend has really exploded because of the femininity and effortless beauty that it provides.  This trend is a great investment because it will always be around, and it's especially amazing for spring because of the sheer quality: you won't be too covered up (like in the winter), but you're not showing too much skin either (save that for summer).

4. Sneakers: Tomboy-ish style has been coming back for girls, recently, and I've seen a lot of hi-top sneakers, like these Chuck Taylors, as well as wedge sneakers and more casual-looking oxfords.  They look very effortless and cool, no matter what you have on the rest of your body.

5: Boat Shoes: I don't know if it's just where I LIVE, or if it's everywhere, but there has been a widespread obsession with Sperry Top-Siders, or just boat shoes in general.  I feel like during the last 3 months or so, nearly every style-conscious (and non style-conscious) person in my school has purchased a pair.  If you like them, GET THEM - so comfy and casual, perfect for spring.

6. Cut-outs: Show just a LITTLE bit, and you'll have heads turning ;) Cutouts have been VERY IN recently, and they're showing up everywhere: cold shoulder, full midriff, back cutout, side cutouts, even laser-cut shoes and boots! This trend is sexy, but still retains a girl's dignity, if you know what I mean, haha, so I would say GO FOR IT :)

7. Statement Jewelry: Big, beautiful jewelry has been extremely popular lately because of the ease of fashion, I think - you can wear a t-shirt and jeans and still look like a million bucks once you put a giant ring and a tribal collar necklace.  Basically, statement jewelry is versatile and ALWAYS looks good, as long as you don't over-do the rest of your outfit.  AMAZING trend for spring and for seasons to come!

8: Leather: Leather is a bit funny in that people associate it with the winter months and then tend to forget about it for the sunnier times of year.  This is changing for this season with the appearance of leather or leather paneled shorts and leggings as well as leather vests and cropped jackets.  They're still amazing for spring, just to add something extra to an otherwise-light outfit.  The punk-like trend of leather is also coming back, so if you want to, go for something with studs and extra hardware!

Thank you all so much for checking out this post (I know it was a longer read)
I hope you've gotten inspired (maybe you'll plan a shopping day - and bring a LIST haha)

Check out my Polyvore for extra detailed sets (coming soon) and my YouTube channel for more videos (haven't updated that in a while, sorry)

Love you all


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