31 August 2015

Farewell for Now...

Hello, ladies!  In all reality, those of you who were once my readers have probably given up on me, since I haven't posted in over a year, it seems.  There have been a lot of changes in my life that have rendered it nearly impossible to blog...

More work.
Lack of camera.
Lack of software.

It's been really hard for me to just see this blog dissolve away, since it was such a large part of my life and my development as a young adult.  I've made the decision, however, to turn over a new leaf in the blogging spectrum.  I'm currently working on the design for a totally new blog - one that will reflect the person I've grown in to in the past year and a half.

The person I was in high school is much different from the person I am today, simply because living away from home forces one to grow up and mature pretty quickly.  Now, don't start thinking that "mature" is synonymous with "boring," because my life has actually become exponentially more exciting, and more in line with what I think was my true purpose, as cliche as that seems.

And so my new blog will be focusing on that - the way I've grown, and my perspective on things as an older and more developed human being.  I'll be adding a lifestyle component, so it won't just be fashion and beauty - and I think this addition is one of the most important changes, since my lifestyle has become extremely important to me.

I  KNOW YOU'RE ALL WONDERING: what is the name of my new blog?

Well, it's going to be called IN THE RAW, with the goal of stripping down conventions and appearances - everything that is solely external - in favor of finding the beauty that lies inside you, which you have every right to express.  Embracing total nakedness - either literally or figuratively - can sometimes be the best way to dress up.

And that's what my new blog is going to be focusing on.  I'll have more description about it in my first post - but if you were a once-loyal follower, please keep your eyes open from now on.

Until you see me on my new and improved and grown up blog, however, this is going to be my farewell to Saltines & Sunglasses.  I've truly enjoyed every bit of what I did and posted, as well as making videos on my YouTube page and Polyvore-ing to my heart's content.  This blog has been sacred to me - and a godsend in many ways - and actually led me onto my current career path.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read my ramblings.  I say it at the end of every post and I really mean it: I love you all.  Those of you who have contacted me personally have made me feel so special and I appreciate your loyalty.

So, to all of you wonderful gals: keep being the amazing people you are.

Love you all