27 August 2012

Back-to-School HAUL

Hi everybody! It's that time of year again, when school starts up, so I made sure to hit the mall and start stocking up on new clothing :) There's not much else to say, except that I hope you enjoy this and get inspired to shop for yourself for the new season! Please comment.

Forever 21:
Gray Sweater: $22.00
Denim Ombre Vest: $24.00

Printed Scarf: $8.80

Nail Polish: $2.80
Umbrella Necklace: $2.80

Oatmeal Sweater: $24.95
Black Pointed Flats: $14.95
Turquoise Open-Knit Sweater: $24.95

Foreign Exchange:
Salmon T-Shirt: $10.00
(I got it for $8.00 because of the 20% student discount)

Floral Headband: $6.90

Charlotte Russe:
Scarves: $5.00 each
(usually $8.00 each - they had a sale!)

Converse One-Star Handbag: $39.99
Leopard Flats: $14.95

and you can't forget my BOMB running shoes ;)
Big 5 Sporting Goods:
Saucony Running Shoes: $49.99 (usually $80.00)

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Love you all


20 August 2012

CURLY HAIR (Products and Styling)

Hi everyone! So, I guess you could call this a "Part 2" of my last post, since it also involves curly hair.  I wanted to show you guys the products that I use (and also the process) to get ready and to style my hair the way that I do.  I am aware that these are not the most highly-recommended or expensive products in the world, but they get the job done, and that's all I'm really concerned with right about now.  Maybe, if I get a Deva-cut or Ouidad-cut, I'll care a little bit more, but ALAS (haha) I'll have to live with what I have.  So, I'll get started with the products I use, and so on.  Please comment :)

I use this first! (about a quarter-size in my palm)
I run this through, almost like finger-combing, but gentle enough to not pull out my curls

Then I run this through (about 2-3 pumps)
I do the same thing as the moisturizer above, finger-combing and scrunching (sometimes with my head upside-down) to get it all the way through my hair evenly - make sure not to pull out your natural curl, or your hair will become frizzy!

...For about 20 minutes, hair up in a loose bun.  Usually during this time I'll do other things, like eat breakfast or pack my bag, sometimes I'll even do my makeup

Then I use this mousse, but I honestly don't use a big amount.  I shake and spray upside-down into my palm, literally for about one second.  According to curly-hair experts, mousse is supposed to dry out your hair, but I don't think it's been having that effect so far, so I'll continue to use it because I honestly think it works well on shaping my curls.

I SERIOUSLY use barely ANY of this - I simply swipe my hand across the top of the product, which is a gummy paste-like substance, in order to get a little bit onto the tips of my fingers.  Then, I rub in between my hands lightly and comb through my ends and layers

After waiting for a bit with my hair down and in it's "shape," I'll flip my head upside-down (some experts say this is NOT good, but others recommend it...it's confusing) and blow-dry with a diffuser.  On days that I have a little bit more time, I'll just let my hair air-dry, because that's healthier for it, especially since I don't regularly use a heat protectant (I know I'm bad)

I set all of my hard work with this hairspray (the smell is not AT ALL my cup of tea, but I'll take it because this stuff works really well)

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CURLY HAIR (Types of Curly Hair)

Hi everybody! So I happen to know that curly hair is THE HARDEST to take care of, and there is a lot of blood (okay, maybe not blood), sweat, and research that goes into "perfect" hair for a curly girl.  I decided that I would post the information about curly hair that I've been collecting and perfecting (for the sake of my own understanding and use) for the last two years, or so.  I hope you find this helpful :) but if you want more info, I recommend naturallycurly.com, which is wear I've gotten most of my research.  You can also visit websites of Deva-certified or Ouidad-certified salons, as they probably have information about the types of haircuts that are best for curly hair (if only I had a cut like that! haha).  Anyways, again, I hope that you find what you've been looking for, curly girl! Please comment.

  • Type 2A
    • slight “s” shape
    • doesn't bounce up (stays closer to the face)
    • easiest to handle (yay)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: mousse or light gel (products that don't weigh down curls)
    • CELEBS: Nicole Richie
  • Type 2B
    • more pronounced "s" shape
    • doesn't bounce up (stays closer to face)
    • tends to frizz (more than type 2A)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: mousse or light gel (products that don't weigh down curls)
    • CELEBS: Blake Lively (Confession: I have a major girl-crush here, haha)
  • Type 2C
    • more spirals than "s" shapes
    • more bouncy, frizzes easily
    • PRODUCTS TIPS: curl-defining AND anti-frizz products
    • CELEBRITIES: Taylor Swift
  • Type 3A
    • big, loose, defined "s" pattern
    • hair is more springy and bouncy
    • PRODUCT TIPS: gels and creams that define, eliminate frizz, and moisturize
    • CELEBS: Annalynne McCord
  • Type 3B
    • very springy, naturally defined ringlets and "corkscrews"
    • PRODUCT TIPS: gels and creams that define, eliminate frizz, and moisturize (you'll need more than one products, FOR SURE)
    • CELEBS: Keri Russel
  • Type 3C
    • tight, voluminous curls (straw circumference)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: hair milks, creams, butters, and oils
    • CELEBS: Rachel True
  • Type 4A
    • very tight, definite "s" pattern in the hair
    • FRAGILE: hair has less cuticle layers with type 4, so your hair is more susceptible to damage (summary: take care of your hair!)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: use deep conditioners (about once a week) and wash your hair with conditioner INSTEAD of shampoo (frequency of shampooing depends on YOUR head of hair)
    • CELEBS: Solange Knowles
  • Type 4B
    • hair bends in sharp angles (more of a "z" pattern than an "s" pattern)
    • VERY FRAGILE, and usually wiry and coarse
    • PRODUCT TIPS: use creamy, heavy cleansers, detangle with a wide-tooth comb and slick conditioner, style with hair milks and butters, deep condition at least once a week
    • CELEBS: Yvette Nicole Brown
  • Type 4C
    • looks the same as 4B hair, but more difficult to manage
    • SO TIGHT it almost seems like there's no curl definition (hair can be wiry and coarse OR soft and fine)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: conditioner washing! (use heavy conditioners), style with hair creams, oils, butters, puddings, etc. and deep condition often (like, every 3 days)
    • CELEBS: Jill Scott 
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15 August 2012

A Shirt For My Big Sissy :)

(It was kind of spontaneous haha)

MODEL SHIRT (purple one), DRESSMAKER'S CHALK (little white square), SCISSORS, PINS, TAPE MEASURE (green coil), ROTARY MAT (green mat), ROTARY CUTTER (yellow blade), BIG RULER :) 

Front (Top) and Back (Bottom)

Finished product :)

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Love you all

13 August 2012

OOTD: Mustache :)

Theme: Mustaches ;)
I MADE THIS SHIRT MYSELF!!! Let me know if you like it (and if you would buy it hehehe)
SHORTS: $24 from American Eagle

SHOES: around $12 from Tilly's
NOTE: this is not their original state, they used to be sort of like gladiator sandals, with straps running around the back of the heel, but I cut them up because I wore them too often and the straps broke! Haha

♪ Here I am...Rock you like a hurricane ♪
...excuse the dodgy background in this picture haha

This, my friends, is what you call a KICK-ASS MUSTACHE haha
...or you could call it the front of my shirt, whatever you want :P

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Love you all


MUSTACHE Shirt Project



Cutting my new shirt out YEAH

About to cut out my mustache...

I made a mustache stencil out of regular paper, then placed my stencil on the wrong side of black fabric (it's actually furry fabric! that's why I needed to put it on the "wrong" side, or the non-furry side) and colored around it with my fabric chalk.  The image of the stencil was left behind, and that's what I cut out. :)

(the finished product)
Then again, I'm only in Spanish 3, so don't quote me on that :P

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Love you all


11 August 2012

OOTD: Coral Skimmers

Outfit of the Day!
White Sleeveless Button-Down: Cotton On (About $18)
Nude Cami (Underneath): Wet Seal ($1 - that's crazy!)
Navy Blue Crop Leggings: Victoria's Secret ($34)

Coral Lace Skimmers: Urban Outfitters ($33)
i'm not sure if the store (at least the one near me) carries this color anymore
i saw them in black and white though
so if you want them, HURRY UP

Blue: Pacsun
Gold: Tillys
Peach: Pacsun
Sparkly: Pacsun
Wooden: Tillys

ELEPHANT TUSK EARRINGS: Forever 21 (About $3 for these and 2 other pairs)

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10 August 2012

Nails: A Classy Mani For You ;)

Hi everybody :) So this is just what I have on my nails right now (it looks complicated, but I PROMISE it's super easy to do - let me know if you try this out!).  I think the thing I like the most about this manicure is that it's subtle and flashy all at the same time.  I hope you like it too :) Please comment.

Essie Nail Polish:
It's honestly one of my favorite brands, it's a shame that they have to be $8 a piece!  Essie polish, in my opinion, goes on so smooth (even smoother than OPI) and the colors are saturated - you dont need multiple coats to get the job done.

Essie's "Eternal Optimist"
It's like a rosy-mauve color, and it really is beautiful on any skin tone :)

Essie's "Good as Gold"
This polish is absolutely BEAUTIFUL - it's very metallic, so if you don't like a bunch of shine on your nails this is probably not going to be your choice of nail polish, but the quality is amazing (like I said about ALL Essie polish) and the color is very, very pretty (and it catches people's attention, too! I got a ton of complements from girls AND guys)

Here's a final pic for you guys :)

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Picture Show: The Dress

I had a little photoshoot at the park (creds to my older sister - love her!) in order to showcase the dress I just made :)  You can check out a few pics of the process in my previous post

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A Dress I Made...Recently ;)

So this is how everything starts - with a concept drawing
My suggestion to anyone who is an aspiring designer (which I'm not sure if I am, even though I definitely want to be a part of the fashion industry) is to get your ideas out on paper - it really is nice to see things come to life like they do in your head

This is the one I actually decided to make - keep scrolling for a picture :)


And after a long day of sewing...

Here's the finished product!  If you have any specific questions, comment here or contact me through my email, which I posted in the "Contact" tab above!

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09 August 2012


Welcome to my blog!
This is the first post of many (hopefully) about fashion, designing, beauty, etc. etc. etc. 
Enjoy your time reading and browsing through anything and everything

...keep comin back, beautiful people ;)