20 August 2012

CURLY HAIR (Types of Curly Hair)

Hi everybody! So I happen to know that curly hair is THE HARDEST to take care of, and there is a lot of blood (okay, maybe not blood), sweat, and research that goes into "perfect" hair for a curly girl.  I decided that I would post the information about curly hair that I've been collecting and perfecting (for the sake of my own understanding and use) for the last two years, or so.  I hope you find this helpful :) but if you want more info, I recommend naturallycurly.com, which is wear I've gotten most of my research.  You can also visit websites of Deva-certified or Ouidad-certified salons, as they probably have information about the types of haircuts that are best for curly hair (if only I had a cut like that! haha).  Anyways, again, I hope that you find what you've been looking for, curly girl! Please comment.

  • Type 2A
    • slight “s” shape
    • doesn't bounce up (stays closer to the face)
    • easiest to handle (yay)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: mousse or light gel (products that don't weigh down curls)
    • CELEBS: Nicole Richie
  • Type 2B
    • more pronounced "s" shape
    • doesn't bounce up (stays closer to face)
    • tends to frizz (more than type 2A)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: mousse or light gel (products that don't weigh down curls)
    • CELEBS: Blake Lively (Confession: I have a major girl-crush here, haha)
  • Type 2C
    • more spirals than "s" shapes
    • more bouncy, frizzes easily
    • PRODUCTS TIPS: curl-defining AND anti-frizz products
    • CELEBRITIES: Taylor Swift
  • Type 3A
    • big, loose, defined "s" pattern
    • hair is more springy and bouncy
    • PRODUCT TIPS: gels and creams that define, eliminate frizz, and moisturize
    • CELEBS: Annalynne McCord
  • Type 3B
    • very springy, naturally defined ringlets and "corkscrews"
    • PRODUCT TIPS: gels and creams that define, eliminate frizz, and moisturize (you'll need more than one products, FOR SURE)
    • CELEBS: Keri Russel
  • Type 3C
    • tight, voluminous curls (straw circumference)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: hair milks, creams, butters, and oils
    • CELEBS: Rachel True
  • Type 4A
    • very tight, definite "s" pattern in the hair
    • FRAGILE: hair has less cuticle layers with type 4, so your hair is more susceptible to damage (summary: take care of your hair!)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: use deep conditioners (about once a week) and wash your hair with conditioner INSTEAD of shampoo (frequency of shampooing depends on YOUR head of hair)
    • CELEBS: Solange Knowles
  • Type 4B
    • hair bends in sharp angles (more of a "z" pattern than an "s" pattern)
    • VERY FRAGILE, and usually wiry and coarse
    • PRODUCT TIPS: use creamy, heavy cleansers, detangle with a wide-tooth comb and slick conditioner, style with hair milks and butters, deep condition at least once a week
    • CELEBS: Yvette Nicole Brown
  • Type 4C
    • looks the same as 4B hair, but more difficult to manage
    • SO TIGHT it almost seems like there's no curl definition (hair can be wiry and coarse OR soft and fine)
    • PRODUCT TIPS: conditioner washing! (use heavy conditioners), style with hair creams, oils, butters, puddings, etc. and deep condition often (like, every 3 days)
    • CELEBS: Jill Scott 
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I already posted a complementary video on my YouTube channel (basically it's a talking-version of this haha), so be sure to check that out!

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