10 August 2012

Nails: A Classy Mani For You ;)

Hi everybody :) So this is just what I have on my nails right now (it looks complicated, but I PROMISE it's super easy to do - let me know if you try this out!).  I think the thing I like the most about this manicure is that it's subtle and flashy all at the same time.  I hope you like it too :) Please comment.

Essie Nail Polish:
It's honestly one of my favorite brands, it's a shame that they have to be $8 a piece!  Essie polish, in my opinion, goes on so smooth (even smoother than OPI) and the colors are saturated - you dont need multiple coats to get the job done.

Essie's "Eternal Optimist"
It's like a rosy-mauve color, and it really is beautiful on any skin tone :)

Essie's "Good as Gold"
This polish is absolutely BEAUTIFUL - it's very metallic, so if you don't like a bunch of shine on your nails this is probably not going to be your choice of nail polish, but the quality is amazing (like I said about ALL Essie polish) and the color is very, very pretty (and it catches people's attention, too! I got a ton of complements from girls AND guys)

Here's a final pic for you guys :)

Thanks so much for checking out this post!  Complete the cycle and check out the video tutorial for this manicure on my YouTube Channel !

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