20 August 2012

CURLY HAIR (Products and Styling)

Hi everyone! So, I guess you could call this a "Part 2" of my last post, since it also involves curly hair.  I wanted to show you guys the products that I use (and also the process) to get ready and to style my hair the way that I do.  I am aware that these are not the most highly-recommended or expensive products in the world, but they get the job done, and that's all I'm really concerned with right about now.  Maybe, if I get a Deva-cut or Ouidad-cut, I'll care a little bit more, but ALAS (haha) I'll have to live with what I have.  So, I'll get started with the products I use, and so on.  Please comment :)

I use this first! (about a quarter-size in my palm)
I run this through, almost like finger-combing, but gentle enough to not pull out my curls

Then I run this through (about 2-3 pumps)
I do the same thing as the moisturizer above, finger-combing and scrunching (sometimes with my head upside-down) to get it all the way through my hair evenly - make sure not to pull out your natural curl, or your hair will become frizzy!

...For about 20 minutes, hair up in a loose bun.  Usually during this time I'll do other things, like eat breakfast or pack my bag, sometimes I'll even do my makeup

Then I use this mousse, but I honestly don't use a big amount.  I shake and spray upside-down into my palm, literally for about one second.  According to curly-hair experts, mousse is supposed to dry out your hair, but I don't think it's been having that effect so far, so I'll continue to use it because I honestly think it works well on shaping my curls.

I SERIOUSLY use barely ANY of this - I simply swipe my hand across the top of the product, which is a gummy paste-like substance, in order to get a little bit onto the tips of my fingers.  Then, I rub in between my hands lightly and comb through my ends and layers

After waiting for a bit with my hair down and in it's "shape," I'll flip my head upside-down (some experts say this is NOT good, but others recommend it...it's confusing) and blow-dry with a diffuser.  On days that I have a little bit more time, I'll just let my hair air-dry, because that's healthier for it, especially since I don't regularly use a heat protectant (I know I'm bad)

I set all of my hard work with this hairspray (the smell is not AT ALL my cup of tea, but I'll take it because this stuff works really well)

Make sure you guys check out my complementary-video on YouTube

Love you all


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