24 November 2012

Black Friday HAUL

Hey everyone!  So this is all of the stuff I got on Black Friday (hooray for deals!)  Hope you enjoy checking this out!  If you want more than a single picture, you can check out the video on my YouTube Channel! 

E.L.F. makeup
Cream Eyeliner: $1 from Target
Tinted Moisturizer: $3 from Target

Sunglasses (with mint green detail)
$12.99 from Target

Teal Leatherette Bag
$22.00 from Target

Slouchy V-Neck Pocket Tees
$6.00 each from Old Navy

Chunky Sweater Knit Cardigan
$21.00 from Nordstrom Rack

Boyfriend Sweater (Quarter-Button Detail and Drawstring)
$23.00 from Aerie by American Eagle

So that's a wrap!  All of the stuff I got on Black Friday can be seen HERE or on my YouTube Channel :)

Love you all


15 November 2012


HELLO LOVELY LADIES!!! So here's a random shop-pop for you haha (which means that the thought of buying these recently came into my head, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, so i just HAD TO TELL ALL OF YOU).


They are the MIA Brighton Booties :) I found them on the PacSun website and at DSW too!  So BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING UP (omg) AND I AM HOPING I CAN GET SOME KIND OF DEAL because they are literally beautiful ;) BEFORE YOU LOOK though, I'm sorry for the crappy quality of the pics, but I figure you all get the idea of what the boots look like...

Thanks for checking out this post! Please comment, and don't forget to visit my YouTube Channel as well :)

Love you all



Hey guys, so I decided that I would try proactiv JUST FOR YOUR BENEFIT.  In other words, I'm offering myself up to be your guinea pig (haha).  I ordered the one-month supply of this stuff, and I'll be doing weekly update videos so you guys can see/hear about RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS - 'cuz that's what it's all about, right?  ANYWAY here is the packaging and what not, just so we're all on the same page concerning the products I got in my order :)

SO OBVIOUSLY, the first two pics are unboxing-type things...the REAL-TIME GOODS are in the third and fourth pics :)

This is sort of like a three-step system, a generic proactiv-type acne solution, and it includes (from left to right) the Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Treatment

These were the things that you were allowed to choose when you ordered the proactiv system, so (from left to right) I ordered the famous Green Tea Moisturizer, the Deep Cleansing Wash, the Refining Mask (another one of America's favorites, haha) and the Advanced Blemish Treatment

SO ANYWAYS that's everything, I'll be doing my update video this SUNDAY so stay tuned for that :)

Love you all


Let's Talk Skincare, Ladies ;)

Hey Everyone! So I actually haven't posted on my blog in a while, which is sort of pathetic since it takes almost no time at all to do this! SO, SORRY ABOUT THAT but whatever I'm here now ;)  Anyways, THIS IS MY CURRENT SKINCARE ROUTINE!!! I have combo skin, so this stuff seems so work
I also made a video on this, which you can find on my YouTube Channel

ALRIGHT so from left to right:

1. L'Oreal "Go 360 Clean" Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser
NOTE: I usually use this one in the shower, since my face is wet ANYWAY it all works out...the little "scrublet" (haha i learned what it's called!) actually works well, and I really feel like I'm exfoliating my face and getting all of the dirt and what not off of it - DEFINITELY recommend this product

2. Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser
NOTE: I honestly love this, it feels sort of like a lotion and a soap mixed together, it's so smooth on my face!  Obviously, this is for combo skin, so it balances out the oily parts and the dry parts of your face so you look more even - another definite RECOMMENDATION

3. Cotton Rounds
NOTE: yeah....these are pretty self-explanatory haha

4. Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner
NOTE: I feel like toner is one of those products that doesn't work drastically enough for you to actually notice a difference, but when I thought about it, I realized that this stuff has actually made the application of my make-up a lot smoother, if that makes sense...I feel like my face is more, um, whole, i guess?  I can't really describe it, but one point I would like to make is that, although it's completely natural, witch hazel is an astringent (it's kind of hard on your skin) so if you're one of those chicas with sensitive skin I would recommend to try it in a small area first!  But anyway, I would recommend this one

Check out my video on my YouTube Channel if this wasn't thorough enough for you!

Love you all