31 July 2013

How-To: Decoupaged Jewelry Box

Hello lovelies! If you regularly read this blog (or if you just read the title of it....either one) then you know I always always always post about FASHION and BEAUTY and anything and everything related to that sphere.  I never post about LIFESTYLE, so this is going to be the first.  I decided I needed a jewelry box - one that nobody else in the entire world could possibly have.  And that, my wonderful readers, is the beauty of "homemade."  Anyway, I bought a couple of boxes from Michael's Craft Store - just wooden boxes with glass windows - a while ago (they were to be my entertainment after AP testing, since I would have barely any homework once those classes were over with), but never got around to actually embellishing them.  So, now that I've done ONE of the two boxes I bought, I decided I would post it here, even though the topic is a bit different from my usual.

If you want to learn how to make something like THIS lovely thing (I say lovely not because I'm bragging, but because I'm immensely proud of myself, haha) then KEEP READING :)


 1. A wooden box with glass windows (this can be acquired at any craft store, but I went to Michael's)

 2. Mod Podge (for the decoupage part) and a Sponge Brush (I bought 2 brushes - one for decoupaging and one for painting)

3. PAINT for your box.  I bought Martha Stewart Acrylic paint in two colors (because I have two boxes, but I'm only showing one to you all here), "Beetle Black" (High-Gloss), which is what I used for this tutorial,  and "Seaweed" (Satin).  I bought High-Gloss and Satin paints because they would give me the nicest looking surface, with just a bit of luster.

The last thing you'll need are clippings (from magazines, newspapers, a copy of your favorite book, etc.) that you can decoupage your glass windows with.  I grabbed my stack of Seventeen magazines (I've saved them all - I have a few issues from 2008!) and started clipping.  I cut out things that were visually appealing, things I loved (for example, sunglasses and heels), and things that described me - all of these criteria would ensure that this box was MY OWN.  Be warned: this (the clipping and decoupaging) is the most tedious part of this project - it's where the perfectionist in all of us comes out, haha.  Make sure you arrange each window the way YOU want it - after all, this is going to be YOUR box :)


I cut out paper rectangles that were the exact size of the glass panels on my box.  I then labeled them (as you can see here, hehe).  I pulled out my magazine clippings and began to arrange them on the pieces of paper.  When I found an arrangement I liked, I would dip my brush into the Mod Podge and paint a VERY light layer over the arrangement, focusing mostly on the edges of each image so that they would lightly stick together.  MAKE SURE you don't put too much, because it might bleed through and end up sticking the panel of clippings to the piece of paper.  A lot of times, all of the overlapping images would go outside of the margin of space I had for my glass window, so I made sure I got all of what I wanted within the white space of the paper.  When the Mod Podge dried (it only takes about 20 seconds), I moved the paper on top of the magazine clippings (instead of under) and held it there.  I took a pair of scissors and cut around the paper so that my clippings (all stuck together lightly from Mod Podge) were the exact rectangular dimensions of my glass window.  I then discarded the white paper, applied a thicker layer of Mod Podge onto the clippings (and a bit on the inside of the glass window) and stuck my images to the INSIDE of the box.

NOTE: For the best results, use Windex or Green Works or any other type of glass cleaner on the panels of your box first - you don't want any unsightly fingerprints or marks stuck in between your images and the glass.  GIRL, THAT WOULD NOT BE CUTE.


After the decoupage on the inside has dried, we're going to focus on the OUTSIDE of the box.  Apply painter's tape to each window so that you don't get paint on them.  YOU DON'T WANT TO HURRY UP ON THIS PART - it's important that you're careful and neat so that no paint bleeds through onto the glass and covers the beautiful decoupaging you just worked so hard on!

NOTE: If you don't plan on distressing your box (like I did), it's important that you smooth the wood of your box by SANDING it.  This will allow the paint to take easier to the wood, soften the texture of the raw wood, and overall make it more attractive.  If you plan on distressing your box, however, you don't have to sand it until after your paint is dry - that way you only need to sand it ONCE.

After your box is painted (be careful around the hardware, like the clasp and hinges - if you happen to get paint on them, you can use a damp paper towel to wipe it off, but don't do this until the paint around the hardware is at least semi-dry) and dry, remove the tape from the glass.  If you don't plan on distressing your box or adding any other touches, this is your finishing step!

Here's my box WITHOUT the distressing.  The finish looks a little bit rough because it hasn't been sanded.


Distressing is simple: take a piece of sandpaper and just begin sanding away over your DRY paint.  Slowly, the paint will begin to rub off, revealing the unfinished look of the wood under.  Distressing also serves as your sanding step, which makes the wood smooth to the touch and more attractive to look at - don't just do this step until you THINK the desired amount of distressing is reached.  Make sure you sand your box so that it's smooth all around.  I even rounded the corners a bit to add to the "antique" vibe.  REMEMBER, your box is going to look amazing either way, so if sanding it properly distresses it more than you originally planned for it to, don't freak out - this effect is always going to look perfect because it doesn't NEED to be perfect.  Neat, huh?

I know that was a long one, so thanks for bearing with me and reading until the end :)  Let me know in the comments section is you tried this out (post a picture, too! I would love to see your amazing creation :)

Love you all


26 July 2013

The Friday File: Outfit #5

FIVE: "Run Away With Me"

FIVE: "Run Away With Me" by the-saltine-herself

Hello lovelies! So here's another "Friday File" outfit for you - I just made it randomly, so I hope you like it :) Again, the haul that I posted the other day (scroll down a bit if you haven't seen it) is going to be joined shortly by a video twin, which will be on my YouTube channel - make sure you check that out when I post it.  Anyways, that's all for now

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Love you all


25 July 2013

Back-to-School HAUL (Early)

Hello everybody! So I did some MAJOR shopping these last three days (my mom paid for ALL of it - SO NICE of her!) and I decided that I would show it to all of you.  Since I bought so many pieces that could work for summer and fall (and even some for winter), I decided that I would call this my "Back-to-School" Haul, because, essentially, that's what it is :) I hope you all enjoy checking these things out.  AS A FOREWARNING: these pictures aren't the best if you wanna know all the details of each item, which is why I'm also going to be posting a video on my YouTube channel very soon of this same haul (I might have to do it in two parts because there's SO MUCH).  Anyways, that's all I can say for now, I hope you enjoy!








Looks like that's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for the upcoming video :)

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21 July 2013

OOTD: High-Waisted Shorts

Hi everyone! Just thought I would show you what I wore on this glorious Sunday :) Hope you all enjoy, make sure you check out my YouTube channel, I just put up a haul (Foreign Exchange, Quiksilver, Claire's, etc.)! 

Sweater: Quiksilver
Shorts: Foreign Exchange
Shoes: Nordstrom (TOMS)
Cross Knuckle Ring: Charlotte Russe
Heart Cutout Rings: Tilly's
Earrings (both): Claire's

Nails: Revlon "Coastal Surf"
Lipstick: Milani "Plumrose"

Okay well I think that's everything! Thanks so much for checking out this post :) Take a quick (or, preferably, not so quick) look at my YouTube channel to complete the cycle.

Love you all


17 July 2013

Professional Pedicure

Hello all! So, I decided to post something that is seldom seen on this blog - a PROFESSIONAL nail job.  I haven't been to the nail salon since my friends and I got mani-pedis as a part of my Sweet Sixteen, so it's definitely been a while.  My mom, however, wanted to treat us all (my two sisters and I, as well as herself - that sneaky mom, haha) to a bit of mid-summer fun, so we all got pedicures at the salon.  The color I chose was China Glaze's "Pool Party," which is like a neon-watermelon color.  Here's what it looks like:




I usually paint my own toes, but I never post them because I don't particularly like feet (they're just ugly, alright? Not just mine - all feet).  BUT I DECIDED I would make a concession since this was special and I really enjoy this color.  Anyways, that's a wrap! 

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See my YouTube channel for a brand new Summer Haul (lot's of goodies)

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