17 July 2013

Professional Pedicure

Hello all! So, I decided to post something that is seldom seen on this blog - a PROFESSIONAL nail job.  I haven't been to the nail salon since my friends and I got mani-pedis as a part of my Sweet Sixteen, so it's definitely been a while.  My mom, however, wanted to treat us all (my two sisters and I, as well as herself - that sneaky mom, haha) to a bit of mid-summer fun, so we all got pedicures at the salon.  The color I chose was China Glaze's "Pool Party," which is like a neon-watermelon color.  Here's what it looks like:




I usually paint my own toes, but I never post them because I don't particularly like feet (they're just ugly, alright? Not just mine - all feet).  BUT I DECIDED I would make a concession since this was special and I really enjoy this color.  Anyways, that's a wrap! 

Thanks so much for checking out this post!
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Love you all


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