28 June 2013

The Friday File: Outfit #4

FOUR: "I'll Kiss You"

FOUR: "I'll Kiss You" by the-saltine-herself

Hey dolls! So here's another "Friday File" Outfit for you all (I'm doing good lately on keeping up with the Fridays, aren't I?).  It was very HOT today - so HOT that I just HAD TO GO to the pool (and not even for swim practice - FOR FUN, who knew?) and I just HAD TO go and get a great, unhealthily-sized ice cream.  In light of the situation, I decided to make an outfit that was great for a hot day (notice I even featured a pony tail to avoid sweaty heads and sticky hairs - ewww) so that all of you lovely ladies could get inspired and not feel like there was nothing to be done on such a hot day.  Anyways, I hope you like it :) Check out my Polyvore for more of these lovely creations (look at the tab on the right to see my latest sets!) and FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW this blog (por favor....please...:)

Thank you so much for checking out this post

Love you all


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