12 June 2013

Manicure: Pink & Gold

Hey ladies! I've really been bulking up on the nail posts lately, I know, but they're really the only thing I have these days, since it's the end of the school year and my outfits have been FAR from perfect and therefore VERY FAR from bloggable :p Thank you for not giving up on me due to the limited selection, though! Come summer, there will be PLENTY more to look at, trust me - just let me get through finals, hehe.  Anyways, these are my nails for this week - not flat polish, but not too special of a design either. Hope you like, anyway! Product info will be posted (as always) at the end of this post, thanks for reading (in advance) and FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW. :)

So, these are basically the same picture, except one of them is sharper, so I decided to post both just for good measure.  I was a little lazy on taking pictures of these, so their 3-day-old-ness makes them seem ... neglected.  I PROMISE, though, they looked much better before, just USE YOUR IMAGINATION ;)

Pink Polish: Sally Hansen's Total Salon Manicure in "I Pink I Can" (510)
Gold Polish: Essie's "Good As Gold" (I know, I use it a lot, haha)
Base Coat: Nailtiques Formula 2
Top Coat: Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Top Coat

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Love you all


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