21 June 2013

Manicure: Sea of Chevron

Hello everyone! THIS MAKES TWO NAIL POSTS IN A ROW - Gosh, I'm terrible.  But I REALLY love this manicure, so I decided I would show you :) Hope you like! And there will be outfits and reviews to come, now that it's summer (school got out yesterday)! YAY for this summer in SoCal.  Did you all know this is my last kid-summer? SO SAD.  Anyways, I'll get to the nail post ;)


1. After cutting, filing, buffing, etc... your nails, paint them with a basecoat 
(Nailtiques Formula 2 ... not shown in the above picture, because I couldn't find it :P)
2. Paint all nails (except for the ring fingers) with a nude shade and let dry.  This shade is only being used to provide a more attractive base, since the bottom halves of the nails will be showing.
(Wet N Wild Megalast in 203B "2% Milk")
3. Paint ring fingers with a teal / turquoise shade.  All other nail tips should be painted (like a chevron print) with this same shade.
(Sinful Colors Professional in 947 "Mint Apple")
4. Paint nail tips of ring fingers in the same chevron-like manner, only with a darker teal shade.
(Essie in "Trophy Wife")
5. Outline the chevron with white stripes on all fingers except the ring fingers.
(Kiss Nail Art in White)
6. For the ring fingers, outline the chevron between the two teal shades with silver glitter.  Then, on either side of the glitter, outline with a white stripe.
(Kiss Nail Art in Silver Glitter and Kiss Nail Art in White)
7. Allow all nails to dry and follow with a shiny top-coat.
(Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat)

Alright, everyone, so that's it! I decided I would put this mini-tutorial in because this is one of those manicures that's not really THAT self-explanatory, so I hope one of you will be brave / confident enough to try it out! If you do, let me know in the comments section below, I'd love to hear from you :) Thank you so much for checking out this post, by the way, you can complete the cycle by looking at my YouTube channel, Polyvore, and Pinterest (it's my personal account - I just added it to the "Pages" List on the RIGHT here).

Love you all


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