30 March 2014

Target Beauty HAUL

Hey hey ladies ;) Here's my first ACTUAL post in a while (haha), I hope you all enjoy.  It's just a few beauty items that I picked up the other day from Target, because I was in serious need of some makeup bag restocking, not only because of my recent and drastic tanning (every year, once I get into swimming, all of my face makeup needs replacing), but also because I was getting bored of a few things and needed to freshen up.  Again, I hope you all enjoy :)

 Essie "No Chips Ahead" Anti-Chip + Shine Top Coat ::: $8.49
I don't know if I've told you all before, but my go-to base and top coats for the last year or so have been the Revlon Quick-Dry versions.  Don't get me wrong - Revlon does a GREAT job with their nail products - but I decided that I would try something of a better quality this time around.  All of my favorite polishes, after all, are Essie (excluding "Monsooner or Later" by OPI), so I decided to get the Top Coat to finish off my collection, of sorts.  I used it on my most recent pedicure, and the shine is beautiful.  Also (most importantly), no chips yet!

 Revlon Colorstay Liquid Makeup ::: Combination / Oily Skin ::: 370 "Toast" ::: $9.99
As I mentioned above, my skin has gotten majorly tan, as it does every year.  I've been gradually buying new foundations (I've built up quite a collection in the last few weeks, as it happens) in order to accommodate my relentless tanning, and this is the latest of the bunch.  I bought it in the color "Toast," which  (I believe) is the fourth to darkest shade in the Colorstay line.  Anyway, I've used it three days in a row and the application is smooth with a medium coverage.  Also, I don't look oily, so I would definitely recommend! 

 Essie Nail Lacquer ::: "Peach Daiquiri" ::: $8.49
As a Hollister employee, I am NOT ALLOWED to paint my finger nails - it's been quite a struggle, but I think I'm getting used to the look.  Anyway, while manicures are prohibited, pedicures are not.  We're allowed to paint our toes any shade of red (that includes pink), so I decided I would make the best of my situation and go bright and springy and beautiful for my pedicure.  As an extra plus, the name of this polish is simply glamorous: "Peach Daiquiri."  I LOVE THIS COLOR.

 NYC ::: Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder ::: Bronzing ::: $4.99
For as long as I've been wearing face makeup, I've used the Physician's Formula Bronzing Powder - it's slightly matte, a good color for my skin, and lasts FOREVER.  It just so happens that FOREVER ended about a week ago, when I couldn't get a single speck of powder out of that case.  So, I went for this one - the colors are a bit darker, which is perfect for my current skin tone.  Despite the intensity of the color on the palette, itself, it looks completely natural on the skin.  Also, the price is INCREDIBLY reasonable for the quality.  I recommend.

L'Oreal Voluminous ::: Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara ::: 695 "Blackest Black" Waterproof ::: $6.59
Don't think I'm betraying my favorite mascaras (the L'Oreal Carbon Black and 24-Hour Power Volume), I'm only trying new things.  I used this mascara for the first time today, and the results were beautiful - no clumping, but still very full, dark results.  I'll continue to use this and maybe do a review later :)

So that's everything, loves
I hope you all took some product tips from this post - make sure to check back, as I'll be posting more often form this point, forward :)

Love you all