14 September 2013

OOTW: First Week of Senior Year

Hey all!  So, tragedy has unfolded: my iMac has been having some serious mood swings lately, THEREFORE, the making of YouTube videos must be put on hold for now (which sucks, because I already pre-filmed about three of them).  ON A HAPPY NOTE, I have a post for you today: MY FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL IN OUTFITS.  I'm now a senior in high school (I know, right?), so I decided to start out right by documenting the beginning of the end.  BEFORE I BEGIN, THOUGH, I first need to explain my philosophy when it comes to dressing for the first week of school.  Many people who are not me try to wear as many new, trendy outfits as possible during the first few days of school - dress to impress, right?  WRONG.  Well, it's not wrong, it's just NOT MY STYLE (I'm different, yeah, I'm different).  My method is to try to keep my outfits stylish yet simplistic during the first week.  The reason for this is that I'm pretty observant, and over the years I've noticed that over half of the girls who show up looking fabulous during the first week start to decline and then plummet into a sad, dark pit of mediocrity during the second week.  TO AVOID THIS, I have developed my philosophy: 
  1. Dress well the first week (well enough to keep up with the first-week-frenzy)
  2. Dress even better - about 85% of your fashion capacity - the second week (people will start to notice that you have killer taste, now)
  3. Dress incredibly the third week (all the girls be like: oh my gosh, I, like, totally want her whole closet)
USING THIS METHOD, you will soon be known as one of the best dressed.  People will look to you for inspiration, which is a very cool thing.  Please know that I'm not encouraging materialism or telling you to become consumed with societal acceptance when it comes to your wardrobe.  I just want you all to look good.  Really good.  AS A MOTIVATIONAL SIDE NOTE: knowing you look amazing makes you feel awesome, giving you a major confidence boost, which, one of these days, might be exactly what you need :)

First Day of School (Tuesday):
Foreign Exchange Top ::: PacSun Jeans ::: PacSun Bandeau ::: Target Sandals ::: Claire's Earrings (Hoops and Studs)
BLURB TIME: Notice the balance.  I paired an open-back tank top with mid-rise (nearly high-rise) jeans.  The show of skin on the back is balanced with the higher waist on the jeans, so you're not looking too scandalous on the first day.  AS A SIDE NOTE: Dark wash jeans slim curvier thighs and a curvy butt (yes, that's why I'm wearing them).  Also, the tank-and-jeans deal is perfect for both the warm weather and the air-conditioned classrooms.  

 Second Day of School (Wednesday):
Brandy Melville Sweater ::: Foreign Exchange High-Rise Shorts ::: Target Sandals ::: Heavenly Couture Black Bandeau ::: Claire's Earrings (Hoops and Studs) ::: Claire's Cross Necklace
BL-BL-BL-BLURB: Here we go again with the balance.  Shorts with a light sweater (seriously, its Brandy, so it's nearly equivalent to just wearing the bandeau), in my opinion, are a little bit classier and more appropriate than short shorts and a strappy tank top during the first week of school.  You want to make a chic first impression, yes?  Good.  Another note on the outfit: sweaters and shorts paired together are marvelously effortless, which is very attractive, indeed ;)

I woke up late on day three, and didn't have time to take pics during my open periods (my school does block scheduling) either, so I don't have that outfit posted here.  SORRY EVERYONE.

Fourth Day of School (Friday):
Windsor Top ::: PacSun Jeans ::: Windsor Bandeau ::: American Eagle Outfitters Belt ::: Soda White Slip-on Shoes ::: Claire's Earrings (Hoops and Studs)
BLURBIN' IT UP: I know what you're thinking: shut up about the balance.  To that, I say: never.  Okay, so it's not about showing skin or anything this time.  ON THIS EPISODE OF THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ME, it's about femininity and simplicity.  The shirt is very light and intricate and girly (which I completely am in love with), so I paired it with white slip-on shoes, which are very casual and cool.  That way there's not an overload of daintiness, allowing the top to stand out :)

That's all, lovelies!  Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoyed :)
BEFORE I SAY GOODBYE, THOUGH, I would just like to say that I made all of these three-part photo collages on a website called Photovisi.  It's GENIUS, I encourage you all to check it out!

Love you all