24 November 2012

Black Friday HAUL

Hey everyone!  So this is all of the stuff I got on Black Friday (hooray for deals!)  Hope you enjoy checking this out!  If you want more than a single picture, you can check out the video on my YouTube Channel! 

E.L.F. makeup
Cream Eyeliner: $1 from Target
Tinted Moisturizer: $3 from Target

Sunglasses (with mint green detail)
$12.99 from Target

Teal Leatherette Bag
$22.00 from Target

Slouchy V-Neck Pocket Tees
$6.00 each from Old Navy

Chunky Sweater Knit Cardigan
$21.00 from Nordstrom Rack

Boyfriend Sweater (Quarter-Button Detail and Drawstring)
$23.00 from Aerie by American Eagle

So that's a wrap!  All of the stuff I got on Black Friday can be seen HERE or on my YouTube Channel :)

Love you all


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