05 February 2013


Hey everyone!  So I just wanted to show you what I did with my nails this week (I am completely in love) so I hope you like!  Make sure you leave a comment and/or follow me :)

Alright so here's the first pic of my nails...On my pointer finger, middle finger, pinky, and thumb (not shown) I have Essie's "Dive Bar" - it's SO GORGEOUS.  It seems like blue at a first glance, but in the light it looks like a deep-sea green, and even has facets of purple.  I think this is honestly my NEW FAVORITE Essie polish, which is really saying something!

Here's the second pic...I already mentioned Essie's "Dive Bar," so I won't talk more about that - I'll talk about what's on my ring finger.  I used a base of Essie's "Good As Gold," which I've used multiple times before (I'm pretty sure I've posted a manicure using this color as well) and absolutely LOVE.  As I said, though, I only used it as a base color to make sure that my nail was completely covered.  The glittery polish that you see is Essie's "Beyond Cozy" which is also a LOVELY color.  I'm starting to think I didn't even need to use the gold as a base because this glitter polish offered a nice coat, not like some other glitter polishes that cover the nail sparsely with glitter and mostly with clear goop.  

I've gotten 6 compliments on my nails already, and today was only our first day back from Semester Break (I even got a few compliments from GUYS - what the heck? I know).  Anyway, I hope you all liked this post, and maybe you'll try this some day!  I must say its a lovely pairing because of the heavy contrast.  Like I said earlier - I'm in love!

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