25 October 2013

How I Style: Winter in California

My Style: "Winter in California"

My Style: "Winter in California" by the-saltine-herself

Hi all! So, I haven't posted in about two months (shame on me), so I'm going to use this set as sort of a come-back.  I really love this look for two reasons: First, this outfit something I'd typically wear during the winter.  Secondly, it includes a sweater.  As you know, I have a very steamy, ongoing romance with baggy sweaters, much to the dismay of my mother, who appreciates form-fitting clothing much more (when it comes to style, we don't agree on much, to be honest).  Anyway, I digress.

It is very casual, but still stylish.  As I've mentioned before, dark wash jeans hide any over-curviness on the bottom half and slim down thighs (especially saddle-bags, which we, ladies, can't really do anything about), so they are perfect not only in color (darker for the winter), but also in their ability to flatter a woman's shape.  The shoes are classic - honestly, you can't go wrong with oxfords, in my opinion.  Lastly, the sweater, which has a three-quarter sleeve length (feminine and casual at the same time) and just the right amount of bagginess, tops the cake.  Actually, I amend that statement: it's not "baggy," at all, just not form-fitting, so it lays over the chest area in a very relaxed way, giving an effortless quality to the outfit as a whole.  PLUS, it's white (you'll look like a goddess, dah-ling), and it's warm (looks warm, too).  In short, this is an awesome sweater.

1. Bath & Body Works "Twilight Woods" Body Mist: 
WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE SMELL OF THIS?  It's amazing - cozy and sexy and mysterious.  That's my kind of scent ;)

2. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in "Iced Mocha" and "Yogurt":
I actually own both of these, and I must say that I'm very pleased.  NYX is pretty cheap in comparison to other brands, but their quality is still amazing.  These apply smoothly (even on wrinkly eyelids!) and are so quick to use (perfect for an I-woke-up-late kind of day).  Also, they look GREAT on pretty much any skin tone (I know because I do everyone's makeup, haha).

3. Essie Nail Polish in "Smokin' Hot" and "Good as Gold":
Again, I own these polishes (you've seen "Good as Gold" in other posts), and I absolutely LOVE them.  I only recently purchased "Smokin' Hot" (along with "Angora Cardi") and it's already one of my top-five favorite polishes.  

ANYWAY, I'm pretty sure that's everything...
As a side note, I typed this entire post with a splint on my right index finger (athlete problems), and I'm pretty proud of myself.
Thanks for reading!

Love you all


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