13 November 2013

Super Random HAUL

Hey lovelies! So, I've been shopping around at different stores for very different things, but I decided to bundle it all up into one haul to make it easy.  Clothing, jewelry, beauty products - you'll see it all in here.  Anyways, that's all I have to say for now - hope you enjoy!

 Chunky Gray Cardi ::: Forever 21 ::: $29.80 ::: Size Small
 I know, I live in Southern California, but that doesn't mean I don't need sweaters for the fall and winter!  This was an AMAZING find - I was originally going to buy one for $50 from Cotton On (they just came out with a new line of knits - check them out!), but while I was browsing around, I found this beauty!  The body of the sweater is a bit longer (maybe five or six inches past my pelvic region?), but the arms are a great length, so it doesn't look sloppy or hobo-ish in any way!  Awesome price, too!!!  Love it.

 Cubic Zirconia Studs (2 different sizes) ::: Claire's
Gold Plated Hoops ::: Claire's
Alrighty, so I've bought these studs before (maybe I showed them in a haul? I don't know), but they were stolen over the summer while I was at the pool!  I think somebody thought they were real diamonds :P  At any rate, they're amazing - so classy and versatile.  If you can't afford real diamond earrings, these are a perfect substitute, and a jewelry STAPLE.  Moving on ... I got a pair of gold-plated hoops!  As my regular readers know, I wear tiny silver hoops (about the same size as these) in my second piercing, which have a little wrap-around rope detail on them.  I absolutely love them - I almost never take them out.  So, I decided it was time to have a gold pair, just to complete the cycle.


 Essie ::: "Stylenomics" Nail Lacquer ::: $8.50
I couldn't resist buying this one - my favorite polish brand is Essie.  The colors are so perfectly pigmented, the packaging is beautiful ... just EVERYTHING about Essie, I love.  Anyway, I've had my eye on this color for a while, but I was always hesitant because I thought it looked too black (if you don't know, "Stylenomics" is a very dark green).  But, I decided, since it was winter, that it was time to take the plunge.  I haven't tried it yet, but I will definitely post a manicure when I do!

Skintimate ::: "Strawberry Tangerine Tango" Moisturizing Shave Gel
Gillette ::: Venus "Embrace" 5-blade Disposable Razors
OKAY, now on to the beauty-related products.  I did a video on shaving tips and tricks a while ago (I'm pretty sure it was the last video I uploaded), so you can check that out on my YouTube channel, if you so desire.  Anyway, these are my shaving products - I ALWAYS HAVE THESE, they are my favorite for the razor-method.  I used to use Veet and Nair, but, honestly, the smell is unbearable, and it takes too long - and I'm lazy.  This shave gel is so awesome - it makes your legs silky smooth, and (I think) prevents you from cutting yourself!  Also, these razors are the best on the market, in my opinion.

 L'Oreal ::: Voluminous "Power Volume 24-Hour" Waterproof Mascara
This was a first-time buy for me!  I always always always go for L'Oreal's Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara - it's my all-time favorite, and I have a tube of it not only in my bathroom, but in every bag I own.  I decided, though, that as a blogger, I had to branch out in order to provide you all with valuable information.  Therefore, I decided to go for this mascara.  I'll post a review when I've opened it!

Maybelline New York ::: "Great Lash" Clear Mascara
This is my favorite, dears.  I've been using this to brush my eyebrows since I was a freshman in high school (I'm a senior now!), and it has never failed me.  Amazing price, amazing product.

Alright, loves!  That's everything, for now, I'll be posting a Friday File Outfit this week and a Bath & Body Works Haul very soon, so stay tuned!  Sorry I haven't been blogging - I've been working my butt off trying to finish my college application essays.  They're still not all done, but I'm in a better place now than I was a week ago.  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Love you all


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