26 November 2013

Black Friday Pre-Game HAUL: Cathy Jean Booties

Hello ladies!  As you all know, the most wonderful day of the shopping-related year is coming, so the stores are gearing up for the big sales :)  Interestingly enough, though, Black Friday ended up falling pretty late this year, so a lot of stores are also extending their sales.  Cathy Jean has been having a GIANT sale for the last week and a half (50-70% off everything), so I felt like I just HAD TO capitalize on the amazing deals, without my life being threatened during the Black Friday trampling-spree.  Anyway, I only bought one pair of shoes - some heeled booties - but I took a bunch of pics so you can all see from EVERY angle :)  I hope you all enjoy...

Okay, so you've gotten an eyeful, now it's DESCRIPTION TIME :)  So, these boots were originally $79.99, but I got them for $40 (well, $43 because I live in California and we have sales tax) because they were a whoppin' 50% off!!!  I love sales :D  Anyways, they have a tiny heel (I think it's an inch-and-a-half) so they are totally wearable for school, but they still look classy.  Personally, I think they're a bit more grown-up than the crazy-popular combat boots, so if you're trying to adult-ify your style, then definitely go for these!  They come in this color (like a distressed taupe - totally beautiful), as well as pure black and a distressed steel-grey.  If you have a Cathy Jean near you and plan on purchasing these, please know that they run VERY large.  I'm usually a size 7 (small feet, I know), but I ended up getting a size 6.5 in these and I still have more-than-enough toe-room, but I wanted to buy them that way since I know I'm going to be wearing thicker socks with these when we get deeper into the winter time.  As far as styling goes, these boots are very versatile - you could wear them with leggings and jeans for the colder months, and skirts and dresses for the warmer ones!  I tend to stay away from shorts and boots, no matter the style, because it brings an image of a hooker from space to my mind :P Anyway, that's everything, I hope you all loved these (because I definitely do)!

Make sure you check back toward the end of the week for a Black Friday Haul and possibly a Friday File (I'll try to get them both up, but 'tis the season not only for turkey-bloated tummies, but also for college application deadlines, so I'll have to see what I can do).  Thank you all so much for reading!  Comment at the end of this post, why don't you?  Oh, and check out my Pinterest - it's so visually appealing right now, I can't even deal.

Love you all


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