17 November 2013

ULTA, Target, and Bath & Body Works HAUL

Why, hello, lovelies!  It's HAUL-time again :) I've been meaning to post the Bath & Body Works fragrances (and body butter) that I bought for about two weeks, but I haven't gotten around to it until now.  The Ulta and Target products, however, are very NEW, so I'm not as bad at updating as you may think!  Anyways, this is everything, I hope you enjoy!


 DevaCurl ::: Ultra Defining Gel ::: $18.95
DevaCurl ::: No-Poo (Travel-Size) ::: $7.95
Alright, so first things first: I have curly hair.  For so many years, I had no idea what to do with it, until last year.  I got a Deva Cut from a trained curly-hair specialist last December, and I've never looked back.  For all of you curly girls out there, I can tell you there is NO OTHER WAY than Deva.  The cut has allowed me to grow my hair five inches longer than it's EVER been, and, on top of that, its healthy and shiny and beautiful.  I've been meaning to do both a video and a super-long blog-post about this for the last 8 months or so, but the Deva system has become such a regular part of my life that I forget.  ANYWAYS, that's all I'll say about it for now...stay tuned for what is to come about Deva.

 NYX ::: Pore Filler ::: $12.99
If you all remember, I tried the Proactiv acne system nearly a year ago, and I found that it's NOT for everyone.  It made my face red, blotchy, itchy, and sensitive, and when I stopped using it, I broke out like CRAZY - I suddenly had a lot more acne than I did before Proactiv.  Anyway, long-story-short, I've developed a lot of acne scars on my face (little dents and discolored marks, mostly on my cheeks) as a result of using Proactiv, and I've had to use some pretty gnarly make-up tricks to cover them up.  I just bought this yesterday, so I haven't used it, but I'm hoping it can fill my acne marks as well as it shows on the back of the box!

 Japonesque ::: Travel-Size Eye Smudger Tool ::: $14.00
Ahhh makeup tools ... how I love thee.  Okay, so I HAD a smudging tool, which I use mostly when I fill the gaps in my eyebrows (whether I use eye shadow or a brush pencil, I still use it), but recently it's simply disappeared - how annoying, I know.  Anyways, I had to buy another, because I've been dying without it, and so have my eyebrows.  When I buy brushes, I usually go for Real Techniques by Sam Chapman, but they don't have a smudging tool as far as I know, so I went for the travel-sized smudger by Japonesque, which is another brand that I absolutely LOVE.  My next project is to get me some Sigma ;)


 Sonia Kasuk ::: Brush and Sponge Cleanser ::: $6.99
Okay, so nostalgic moment: the first makeup brush I ever bought (in my LIFE) was a short-bristled angle brush by Sonia Kashuk, so it seemed fitting to bring back the memories with her brush cleanser.  For a while, I've had the e.l.f. brush shampoo, but I wanted to see if there's something that feels more gentle (I always feel like I'm about to "spider" all of my brushes when I'm using the e.l.f.) when cleansing.  Maybe I'll do a review on this one.

 Trim Beauty Care ::: Professional Eyelash Curler ::: $3.00
I'm glad this curler was cheap, because I honestly only bought it for the refills - I have my own eyelash curler, but it didn't come with refills, and it's now discontinued (worst luck ever, right?).  So, I decided to just buy a new one (it comes with FIVE extra plastic things - I'm officially in heaven).

 L'Oreal Paris ::: True Match "Super-Blendable" Liquid Concealer ::: $8.00
There's not much to say about this one - it's a regular buy for me because it's SO amazing, even better than some of the more expensive products I've bought in the past.  The shades are awesome because they come in a range of TONES - warm (yellow undertone) and neutral (pink undertone), so you can get a perfect skin-match every time.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


 Body Mist ::: Coconut Lime Breeze ::: $14.00
This is a new buy for me - I got it, originally, just to put in my team locker (I'd rather smell like citrus than sweat after practice, you know?), but the smell is so amazing and fresh that I've decided to just keep it at home.  I know that fragrances and perfumes are very particular for each person, so not everyone will like this smell, but I LOVE IT - it's clean and island-y and not too strong.

 Body Mist ::: Twilight Woods ::: $14.00
Twilight Woods is the best body mist to ever be on the market, in my opinion - it's sweet and sexy and woodsy and warm and cuddly... it's a perfect mix of feminine and masculine smells.  Simply amazing - I've worn it nearly every day since eighth grade.  Enough said.

Body Butter ::: Sensual Amber ::: $15.00
I believe that "Sensual Amber" is a new scent - in the store, it was in that special area on the wall.  Anyway, it smells amazing.  It has the warm and sweet elements of "Twilight Woods," but is a completely different smell at the same time.  It's very subtle, too, which I like.  Definitely re-buying this when I finish the tub (I hope it's in the store to stay, and not just seasonal).

ALRIGHT, Y'ALL - that's everything, for now.  Hopefully, you've been inspired by my purchases :)  I'll be posting reviews for a few of these, as well as some of the products in my last haul.  Black Friday is also coming up, soon, so stay on the look-out for THAT lovely haul, as well as my Friday File styling tips (I did promise you guys one, didn't I?) and much, much more!  Thank you all so much for reading (I know it was kinda long), I hope you visit again!

Love you all


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