25 November 2013

Review: L'Oreal Mascara

Hey gals!  I decided I would post a review today, comparing two of my L'Oreal Mascaras: Voluminous Carbon Black (my all-time favorite) and one I recently purchased (check out my last last haul), which is the Voluminous Power Volume: 24H.  I must say, the Power Volume has quickly surpassed my other mascaras (I have A LOT) and gotten to second place, and you're about to see why...

This picture shows my right eye, which has two coats of mascara on it: L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black as the first, and L'Oreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H as the second :)  I know I'm not fooling anyone, but just for conformation, I AM NOT wearing fake lashes of any kind (tchh ... it's a Monday).

OKAY, so I apologize for the blotchy skin and strange coloring and what not, but I'M A TEENAGER, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME ... Anyway I think this picture is pretty accurate in showing you the difference between my two eyes.  On the left (as in, the left side of this picture, not my left eye) is one coat of Voluminous Carbon Black, which is a STAPLE in my life, topped with a coat of the Power Volume: 24H mascara.  On the right is simply two coats of my Carbon Black, which I've been wearing for almost a year!  I don't think I'll ever go back, though - the Voluminous Power Volume adds more dimension, and since it's "blackest black" (as opposed to "carbon black"), it's much more noticeable.  Also, it enhances the volume created by the Carbon Black base without making it look clumpy or gross or overdone.  I LOVE THIS COMBINATION, and I encourage everyone to buy both of these!

Maybe I only notice it because it's MY EYE, but in the very first picture (which is the two mixed together) it seems like I have longer eyelashes than in this picture (two coats of Carbon Black).  Also, the lashes are more defined - instead of having 1,000 tiny lashes, I have 800 BIG lashes, ya know?  I don't know, maybe I'm crazy...the point is, I love my new mascara routine :)

Alright, y'all that's everything I have to say about these mascaras, so I guess I'm done...I'm totally in the country mood (watching Luke Bryan perform at the AMA's last night was just MMMMM), hence the "y'all."  I hope every single one of you plans to have a Luke Bryan song-marathon RIGHT NOW, because that's definitely what I've been doing all day ...  

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you visit again soon :)

Love you all


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