02 April 2013

Spring Break HAUL (Part 1)

Hey everybody! So I wanted to use this Spring Break to stock up on clothing (when do I NOT want to stock up on clothing? haha) that would be better for warmer (okay, hotter) SoCal weather, because I've been LIVING in chunky knit sweaters, layering pieces, and sweatshirts (when I'm lazy) ALL WINTER, and I'm ready to break out and start buying items that are less monotonous, since it's tough to find variety in "winter clothes."  Anyway, this is the first part of my spring clothing haul - there is more to come, though, once it all gets shipped! Hope you like :)


 Thank you for checking out this post! I'll be adding a video on my YouTube Channel really soon (Spring Fashion Forecast), so keep your eyes open!

Love you all


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