20 December 2012

Face Make-Up Reviews

Hey everyone!  So I've been using 2 different products for my face, sometimes by themselves, sometimes together, but they're both really light.  Anyway, I decided I would give my feedback on these two products so I could let all of you know what really goes down behind-the-scenes (like, not in the commercials haha).  So keep reading if you want to know my opinion!

 Alright, so the first of the face products I've been using is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.  I have it in the shade "medium," since I'm no longer tan from swim season but I'm not completely white (halfies!!! yay).  The shade has a bit of a pink undertone, which has been a bit of a pain since I have a yellow-gold undertone to my skin because of my Asian half.  It's nothing that's COMPLETELY intolerable, though, because I also use a light bronzer/face powder (maybe I'll do a review on that later).  Anyway, this product is supposed to be the 8-in-1 Skin Perfector: blur imperfections, brighten, even skin tone, smooth, hydrate, enhance, protect with SPF, and do all of this with 0% oils and heavy ingredients.  These are the things this product is SUPPOSED to accomplish.  I want to give you guys a thorough review, so I'll start with the positive and move on to the negative later.  Firstly, the "evening skin tone" element, I believe, is something Maybelline is definitely not lying about - I have a bit of discoloration on the sides of my cheekbones and near my right eyebrow, and I think that the difference in skin tone was completely blurred away.  My skin looks a lot more even when I use this.  Secondly, I really like that it has SPF 30, because it's important to protect the skin on your face due to how delicate and sensitive it is, especially to UV-rays.  Thirdly, as I think I mentioned earlier, this product is very light, and it feels like you're not wearing any face makeup, which is definitely a plus, especially for me - an athlete.  I don't ever want to look or feel like a "cake-face," if you know what I mean, so the consistency of this product works really well for me.  Now I'll move on to the negative.  Firstly, I want to start off my saying I am a teenager, so I probably have a little bit more acne than the normal woman that might be using this, even though my skin is not at all "bad."  However, the "blurring imperfections" promise hasn't exactly worked out when it comes to acne.  Redness and shininess of zits come through when you apply this product (even if you apply it a bit heavier).  I always wear concealer (a green concealer to cancel redness as well as a concealer that is a shade lighter than my skintone for generic reasons) but I feel like if you're wearing a product like BB Cream, you shouldn't have to use as much.  I still use the same amount, though, because my acne is not covered up well AT ALL by this product.  Secondly, the "brightening" factor is not really that noticeable, except in the soft light of my bathroom.  Thirdly, I don't really notice if this product is actually "hydrating" my face.  It doesn't feel any different from before - it isn't softer or smoother to the touch - so I wouldn't really put much stock in this claim.  Fourthly, I don't know what "enhance" is supposed to mean in this context, so I don't really have much of a comment on that.  I mean, is my skintone supposed to be "enhanced"?  I don't know.  Overall, I do like this product, despite the slight bashing and negative comments, I like the feel of it and the evening-qualities that it has.  I think it's perfect for school,  because it's quick to apply and you won't look too high-maintenance (which is a big no-no in highschool, as I'm sure most of you already know), as you would with a full foundation.  

The second product I've been using on my face is the E.L.F. Tinted Moisturizer, and I believe I have this is the shade "beige."  The first thing I would like to say about this product is that it's very specific and that's GREAT - this tinted moisturizer is sold with a description of the undertone it will serve printed on the front of the box.  When I was browsing through Target, I saw this and realized that it was best for a yellow undertone, which is me.  Using this product and Maybelline BB Cream together would even out the pink undertone from the BB Cream and give me a better, more natural tone.  Since I'm on a roll now, I'll start with the positive and move on to the negative.  Firstly, like I mentioned already, the fact that this product was made to serve a specific undertone is great.  Secondly, the price of this, as well as ALL e.l.f. products, is a major plus - this was $3 at Target, while the BB Cream was almost $10.  Thirdly, the consistency is very light, much like a lotion, and I really like how it feels on my face, like there's nothing there.  Thirdly, like the BB Cream, this moisturizer has SPF, though not as high as the BB Cream, it's better than nothing.  I did hear somewhere, though, that nothing over SPF 30 exists, and that sunscreen companies just put high numbers to get sales, haha (it's totally been working on me, that's for sure).  So SPF 20 is like getting 2/3 (which is actually a D, if we're talking about grades, but you don't have to think about that if you don't want to).  Fourthly, this product actually evens my skin tone just as well as the BB Cream, if not a little better, just because of the undertone-thing.  It has ingredients like Aloe, so it's good for sensitive skin, too.  ALRIGHT so on to the negative.  Firstly, just like the BB Cream, acne is not covered up well by this.  A film of color is put over blemishes, and it just sits there.  The shininess is reduced by maybe 1% but the redness is not really reduced at all.  Basically, the coverage is adequate for all parts of the face EXCEPT for the acne-related imperfections.  Secondly, similar to the BB Cream, I don't really see my skintone being "brightened" in any way, except in the presence of my soft yellow light in my bathroom.  That's pretty much all I don't really like about this product, though, since e.l.f. doesn't make too many claims that are disputable on their products.  Overall, I like this product, especially when I use it together with the Maybelline BB Cream, it gives a really nice tone to my face and evens everything out.

So that was my extensive review, I hope it was detailed enough for you and that it will answer any questions you have if you were debating buying either of these.  

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