23 December 2012

Gifts and Goodies :)

Hey ladies!  So, every year, my friends and I do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange between us, so I wanted to show you what I got from my Secret Santa as well as something I got for myself while shopping ;)  Hope you enjoy, get some ideas, and all that jazz....

Here's everything :)  Keep reading!

Here's the E.L.F. eye shadow palette, which I got from my Secret Santa (love her)!
It comes with a small mirror, as you can see, and the colors are all semi-pigmented, so they're not too in-your-face, which I always really like especially with brightly colored eyeshadow like this.  Most of the colors I've tried have been in the top row, so I haven't really explored the blues and pinks on this palette, but I'm basing my observations about the eyeshadow as a whole on that top row, which I really like, by the way!  The colors are natural and subtle, with just a hint of shimmer, much like the Naked palette.  I've used this twice already, and the colors have shown up nicely on my skin tone, so if you're one of those people who thinks tan-skinned girls can't wear brown, I just proved you wrong, haha!

Here's the two nail-polishes that I got from my Secret Santa :)
The blue is like a dark turquoise, and its called "Trophy Wife."  I haven't used it yet, but it's such a pretty color, I can't wait to paint my nails with it!  It's shiny but not quite metallic, like the other color.
The color on the right is very interesting - it looks like a coppery-metallic shade, but when you put it on it's more like a mixture of champagne, silver, and copper.  It's called "Buy Me a Cameo" (Don't you just love Essie nail-polish names? They're so odd and creative haha).  It's so pretty, I did my Christmas nails using this color as well as a red that I had laying around, so you can check out my Instagram for that :)

The last thing I got was this whiteish-lavender stone necklace from Brandy Melville.  They recently opened up a store in the shopping mall closest to me, so I'm really excited about this - it was my first purchase from their new store, haha!  Anyway, they have this necklace in a few other colors (my sister got the black stone), and they're all so beautiful.  I recently wore an outfit with this necklace, so I'll be posting that either here or on my Instagram.  This necklace was $9.

So this was all I got (Secret Santa and from myself)
I hope you got a few ideas and inspirations :)

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Love you all


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