19 December 2012

OOTD: Denim Shirt and Knit Cardi

Hey everyone! Here's just what I wore to school today...I haven't been doing OOTDs because, honestly, i just wake up too late, but today I got myself out of bed and had time to snap a few pics, so yeah!

 The whole thing! (which I think is a pretty nice outfit, even though my hair was kinda blowing around haha)
Black Leggings: $15 from American Eagle
Nail Polish: Coastal Surf by Revlon

 White Slip-On Shoes:
$12 from Wet Seal
The quality of these isn't THAT great, I mean I've had them for about 7 months and JUST today the insole dislodged itself from the shoe O_O basically, they're falling apart.  I had another pair before that lasted me about a year and a half - they were the same style, but they were by SODA, which I think you can buy at Tilly's and other stores like that, if not on their website

Denim Shirt: $21 from Target (but I had a giftcard haha so I got it for $11)
Oversized Knit Cardigan: $49 from Foreign Exchange 
Everything in the store right now is buy one get one free, excluding the jackets, which are already on sale for $29.  They have really nice stuff right now, so I bought something else for $53 (Christmas shopping haha) and got this, originally almost FIFTY BUCKS, absolutely free (I feel like the SitnSleep guy right now).  SO EVERYTHING WORKED OUT IN MY FAVOR WITH THIS - IT WAS A TOTAL STEAL :D

So anyways, this was my outfit of the day :)
It was a crisp 62 degrees in SoCal today, which is extremely cold in these parts, haha! If you're from Alaska and you're reading this, don't make fun of me!  I've been to Alaska, and I've seen all the people wearing shorts and t-shirts in 65-degree weather - I must admit, it was very admirable haha

ALRIGHT so I'm really done :)

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Love you all


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